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Your mom was RIGHT about sunscreen! – Sponsored Post

I overheard the most fascinating conversation at Boot Camp last week while we were doing what seemed like an alarming number of dumbbell squats. One of my fellow campers was telling us all about her recent visit to a dermatologist for help with anti-ageing and pigmentation – something that apparently makes her feel incredibly self-conscious when she is not wearing makeup.

But what shocked me the most,” she continued, “is that my dermatologist told me that the NUMBER ONE THING I can do to prevent aging is….. use sunscreen. That’s it – not lotions and potions and treatments – if we all want to keep looking young, we HAVE TO wear sunscreen each and every day – even in winter and even if we sit in an office all day!

Now I will be the first to stick my hand up when asked about the importance of sunscreen – but mostly because I am petrified of skin cancer. But I honestly had no idea that this amazing product was also something that I could use to prevent signs of aging!

BUT“, she continued, “Not all sunscreens are created equal. You apparently can’t just assume that the higher the SPF; the better it is for you. There’s a little bit more to it – especially when it comes to your face. But I can tell you now, after chatting to him – I will never again skip applying sunscreen after my moisturizer. It’s just not worth it!

As you can imagine, I went home later that day and closely examined my tubes of sunscreen – and vowed to make sure I apply them VIGILANTLY before I leave the house each and every day. I also made a mental note to reapply sunscreen before exercising in the afternoons – something I always forget to do.

I also quickly got in touch with Coverderm with my MANY questions about which SPF to choose! I know from experience that their Coverderm Filteray sunscreens are long-lasting and highly effective – but I wanted a little more information to pass on to you guys and put my mind at ease.

As always, they were quick to reply and specify the 5 SPF must-haves to look for when choosing a sunscreen:

  1. Ensure it protects against UVA, UVB and IR rays from the sun (SPF only looks at protection from UVB rays).
  2. It must have water-resistant properties otherwise it will simply wash off when you sweat or swim.
  3. Make sure that it is photostable (i.e. effective when you are exposed to direct sunlight). Not all sun protection products are photostable!
  4. The product should also be hypoallergenic. Some products contain ingredients that are harsh and will irritate your skin when you come into contact with the sun. You need a sunscreen that will improve your skin and not irritate it!
  5. Whether you burn or not, your skin is damaged when you are exposed to sunlight. It is therefore advisable that you select a product with soothing, moisturising and revitalising properties.

I was VERY relieved to hear that Coverderm Filteray products tick all the boxes above AND have independent clinical studies to support its claims. This is definitely a brand to check out for your whole family, including small children.

The range is available from both Dis-Chem and Clicks (you can also order online) – be sure to check out their tinted sunscreens for your face – it is superb for days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup but still want a little colour on your face!

Also please make sure you are GENEROUS with your sunscreen. For example, did you know that you need a quarter of a teaspoon of sunscreen on your face? Measure it once and make sure you are getting the coverage you need – especially if you have sensitive skin that burns easily or if you struggle with pigmentation.


2 thoughts on “Your mom was RIGHT about sunscreen! – Sponsored Post

  1. You nailed something really important Alisha. I have just had pre cancerous brown spots ‘burnt’ off my face and hands by the dermatologist. Not only was it sore, but I look terrible and a week later they are still very much healing and not gone yet. Prevention is better than cure…. we used no sunscreen as kids. I wish I had known better.
    I got something called Heliocare from the Skin Clinic in Wynberg next to High Tea and Alisons, today in an attempt to wear something in future that offers better protection when playing tennis or running or just living my life. I will let you know how it works….perhaps ABC can approach them for samples… I got a little sample.
    Thanks for an interesting article and I hope that you have inspired others to take sun damage seriously.

    1. Thanks so much for your message Audrey, it’s definitely something we don’t always consider when we think about a quick morning or afternoon boot camp session outside. x

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