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Whatever makes your soul sing – do more of that!

I do some of my best research while standing in queues or sitting at restaurants. (Some might call it “eavesdropping”, but I prefer my version!)

Take the other day, for example, when two people standing behind me in the queue began chatting about how depressed they feel during the winter months.

It feels as if all I do is work, go home, have supper, look after the kids, and go to sleep,” sighed the one.

Well,” said the other, “are you being mindful around doing more things that make your soul sing?

Silence. From many of us in the queue while we digested the wisdom in that one very powerful statement.

I kept thinking about it on the way home, and while eating dinner that night, and while doing an alarming number of squats the next morning.

“Am I being mindful around doing more things that make my soul sing?”

Am I?

Are you?

For me, I actually had to stop and think about what exactly makes my soul happy – things that energise me instead of drain me. I had become so used to hitting the ground running and getting through my daily To Do lists, that I was no longer exactly sure what it was that I wanted and needed to do each day.

So I turned it on its head, and began making a list of things that seem to suck the life out of me. That way, I would know what to AVOID where possible or LIMIT each day.

It was then time to start paying attention to my energy levels throughout the day. And I quickly noticed a pattern! I would feel energised when:

  • I completed a task that had seemed insurmountable (using the #5SecondRule).
  • Sitting in the sun for ten minutes while enjoying a cup of good-quality coffee.
  • Spending time with friends or my husband (even a quick telephone catch-up on their day).
  • Leaving a Boot Camp session and realising that I had overcome every single one of my excuses!
  • Planning a weekend in advance that included some outdoor activities, time with family and friends, and time at home recharging my batteries.
  • Decluttering – my workspace, inbox, home and life – of things that no longer serve me.

It has been an incredibly valuable exercise and one that has made me far more conscious about including things in my life that make my soul sing.

As that age-old saying goes, “We are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS!”

Be mindful this week about what energises you – it might be completely different to what you had initially thought. Skipping that workout and indulging in a temporary sugar-high might have the OPPOSITE effect and end up draining your energy and endorphins.

Be mindful. Be present. Be good to yourself!


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