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Three months from now you will thank yourself!

I wasn’t kidding when I said that our Journey to Summer Challenge with Multiply (24 September – 14 December) can transform not only the way you LOOK, but how you FEEL too!

Let’s face it, if we really put our minds to it, we could all eat so little that the weight would fall off our bodies. Or exercise manically every day in an effort to tone those wobbly bits or lose centimetres.

The result? Extreme fatigue, burnout, potential injuries and absolutely ZERO zest for life. Do YOU want to go into summer feeling like that? Me neither!

Our Journey to Summer Challenge, with Multiply on the other hand, has been METICULOUSLY put together with a razor-sharp focus on getting you the results you need – in a way that is both safe AND fun!

What can you look forward to? 12-weeks of exciting workouts where no two days are ever the same. Boredom is NOT on the cards here at Adventure Bootcamp! Instead, you will be working out to music, incorporating Pilates, boxing and HIIT training, using sandbags and kettle bells, and so much more – each and every muscle in that body of yours will be WOKEN UP and worked!


Here are some of the reasons why we have gone with these workouts.


Kettle Bells:

Anything that helps us burn 400 calories in 20 minutes (about 40 calories a minute) is going to be a WIN in our books. That’s the equivalent of running 1km in 5 minutes!  Plus, this amazing piece of equipment helps us target our core, arms, legs (when doing lunges), glutes and back muscles!



Sandbags are great for strength and stability training, and helps develop muscles you weren’t even aware of! Simply put, training with sandbags forces your body to use its stabilizers MUCH more. It may feel uncomfortable at the time, but the results are phenomenal!



Pilates is a brilliant way to stabilise and strengthen your core. It may LOOK simple, but if done correctly will help you get stronger, develop more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. Pilates also helps to improve your posture – which is so important as we grow older.



What’s not to love about High Intensity Interval Training?  The workouts involve various intervals of high intensity to help you get the MAXIMUM benefit from your workout.  Not only does it boost your metabolism, but it also helps burn calories in a short period of time, build endurance, assist with blood flow, continue to burn calories and fat long after you have finished your boot camp session!



Fitness Boxing exercises have so many benefits, including an increase in upper body, core and lower body strength – not to mention full body toning!  Fitness Boxing also gets the heart pumping and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke sand diabetes.  It also helpts to strengthen bones and muscles, burn more calories and enhance your mood (YAY!)



Regular cardiovascular exercise works to decrease both your blood pressure and resting hear rate.  This means that your recovery time shortens and you are able to do a lot more for longer.  Other benefits include increased blood flow, improved memory, healthier-looking skin, controlled blood sugar, and increased oxygen.  So next time your trainer says, “Go for a run!” – enjoy knowing the amaing benefits it is having on your long-term health!



Please come and join us – we would LOVE TO HAVE YOU!


8 thoughts on “Three months from now you will thank yourself!

    1. Hi Tokai, Our September Camp is only starting on the 24th of September, would you like us to send you more detail? Please let us know which area you are based in.

  1. Good day.

    Will you please inform me if there still is a George, Western Cape class, and if, the contact details please.

    Engeli Forssman

    1. Hi Engeli, thank you so much for contacting us. Unfortunately we don’t have a boot camp in that area yet, but we are working on it.

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