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This could be the most important choice you make in 2018…

Have you ever tried to come up with TEN things you totally love about yourself?

Go ahead… give it a try. I’ll wait…..


Not so easy, right?

This is something that one of our amazing campers, Lebogang Modisa, discovered first-hand when she joined Adventure Boot Camp. Not only did she learn how strong, disciplined and confident she could be, but she also learnt to love herself before loving others.

Isn’t that the most amazing message – not only to imprint on our OWN lives, but also on the hearts of our children? Just imagine a world where our daughters and nieces are taught ways that they can tangibly love themselves – instead of feeling that they are never quite as good as everyone else…

So how exactly do we do that? How do we practice self-love without feeling like we are either incredibly selfish, or that we should be lacing flowers through our hair while dancing with the fairies?

For me, it begins with DITCHING OUR DESIRE TO BE PERFECT – that ever-elusive goal that we will never ever reach, EVER – but one we continue to strive for, and one will that will first rob of us joy before leaving us burnt-out and feeling like a failure.

At some point, we need to fully come to terms with the fact that we simply can’t do ALL THE THINGS PERFECTLY. We can’t be perfect mothers and wives and sisters and daughters and aunts and friends and employees and class moms and PTA helpers and home keepers and fitness fanatics and healthy eaters … we just CAN’T.

So why don’t we just cut ourselves some much-needed and well-deserved slack, choose those areas where we want to achieve As, a few where we would be happy with a solid B, and others where a C and below will have to suffice?

Think you could do that? That could be the greatest act of self-love you practice in 2018!

Here are a few more ideas to chew over this month:

  1. Learn to say no.
  2. Practice gratitude.
  3. Eliminate any toxic relationships from your inner circle.
  4. Do one thing everyday that makes you GRIN!
  5. Do one thing for yourself that you wish others would do for you – buy a bunch of flowers, treat yourself to a fabulous cappuccino, run a bubble bath and take an hour’s break from the world!
  6. Eat lunch with no distractions and no screen time.
  7. Stop complaining.
  8. Refuse to say a single negative thing about yourself for ONE DAY.
  9. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do that one thing … there is no perfect time.
  10. Do more things that help you grow.
  11. Lean into situations that scare you (in a good way).
  12. Learn to listen – to yourself and others. Don’t always try to FIX.
  13. Get more sleep.
  14. Drink more water.
  15. Schedule time to laugh – a movie night, live comedy show or night out with friends that feed your soul.
  16. Learn to say “no” to yourself when it’s for your own good.
  17. Learn to say “yes” when it’s for your own good.
  18. Cut yourself some slack – failing at something means you are growing, learning and moving forwards. There would be no professional gymnasts if they gave up each time they fell…
  19. Learn to laugh at yourself – you’re human, you mess up. And sometimes it’s funny!
  20. Chat to your 80-year old self. What would she have you do in your life right now? Do it.

At the end of the day, we need to be focussing on PROGRESS not perfection.

Sometimes, showing up and doing a good job is enough. Trust me!

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