Journey to Summer programme5 days/week, from 24 September to 14 December for only R1700 (3 camps) & unlimited flexi’s.

The full amount is payable no later than Monday, the 17th of September 2018


Kindly note the terms & conditions below:

  1. Your Journey to Summer is only valid when registering for all 3 camps September 24th, October 20th and November 19th. Attend 20 sessions per camp/5 days/week or as many sessions as you are able to over the 12 week period.
  2. Full payment of R1700 is due by no later than Monday, September 17th. No further discounts applicable on this special price.
  3. You receive unlimited flexi’s for this 3 camp period and it is added to your ABC account.
  4. If you are going to a different location, other than the one you have registered for, you have to book 24hours before in order for us to notify the trainer of you coming.
  5. The flexi’s you incur for these 3 camps will not be transferrable into 2019 camps.
  6. Should you cancel the September 24th camp for any reason, you will be charged the standard 20 sessions (5 days/week price) for the September 24th camp and the remaining monies will stay in your account as a credit towards your  future camp registrations.
  7. Any prorates due to illness or injury will be worked out on weekly attendance rather than the number of days attended in total. A medical note is required in order to make this claim. Communicate with head office to let us know that you are ill.
  8. We are open on the public holiday, 24 September (day 1 of camp) – please note there will be some time & location changes to be aware of for this day.  Make sure to check the website/ your payment emailer or ask your trainer about any time changes.  You are held responsible for making sure to receive this communication.
  9. Camps and monies are strictly non-transferable to another camper.
  10. Our standard Terms & Conditions also apply.
  11. Any end prizes for the Journey to Summer are for the ladies who commit to the end in the last two weeks of December.
  12. We are not responsible for any other nutritional advice from Kim Hoffman, other than what has been stated this will be done on your own account.