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Risky business: why taking a risk always pays off

Think about all the greatest accomplishments in your life so far (landing your dream job, meeting the love of your life, saving up to buy something big) and you’ll notice they all have something in common: an element of risk.

Sitting back and letting the world happen to you won’t get you much – but stepping out of your comfort zone and putting in the work can get you, well, anything! Here’s why you should take the risk and maybe, just maybe, change your life in the process.

1. Risks make you grow as a person.

There’s a period of uncertainty after taking a risk, and that’s when personal growth is at its peak. You’ll learn how to make decisions and be at peace with them, how to adapt to big changes, and how to be more optimistic. All of these will contribute to confidence – in yourself and your choices. And what’s better than that?

2. You don’t have to fear failure.

We’re conditioned to think of failure as something totally detrimental, but the fact is we learn more from our failures than from our successes. Failure makes us stronger, more resilient, and equips us with the tools to succeed when we try again. Taking a risk doesn’t always work out, and that’s totally fine! Everything is educational.

3. You’ll learn to listen to your intuition.

There’s only one person who knows if a risk is worth taking, and that’s you. Listen to that inner voice reminding you of all the amazing things that lie at the end of your goal – it doesn’t lie. Of course, you’ll feel some fear, but keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you wanted to take this risk in the first place.

4. Your life won’t feel like it’s passing you by.

By nature, risks give you a feeling of control over your life. They put you in the driver’s seat, and the route you decide to take is totally up to you. Sure, sitting back and letting life continue as normal is certainly easier, but it also means nothing will change – and you have the power to change everything.

5. More risks means fewer regrets.

There’s a reason you’re considering taking a particular risk: you believe it’s going to improve your life. If fear stands in the way and you don’t take the chance, you’ll always be wondering, “What if?” A good way to make a choice is to do the thing you’ll regret not doing more. A life with no regrets is a gift.

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