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Plan your goals for 2019?

Often we make the choice of making a new years resolution  that we just don’t get to or we start off so well, but we just lose track of it and get to the end of the year not having fulfilled what we so wanted to achieve.  That is why I’m a firm believer in Goal setting vs new years resolutions.


Recently I have learned that writing down goals, long term & short term goals, are incredibly important.  Not only do you physically see what you need to work towards, but you  feel that because you have put it into writing that you owe it to yourself to get the job done.  I know that I now have something to work towards, something I promised myself to achieve and can see my progress on paper.


Now your goals are probably way different than mine, so let’s do an exercise where you physically write down your goals on what you are going to achieve.  Let’s start with a short term goal & plan  for the next 3 Boot Camps.

Remember, the goal needs to be achievable, and have an end date to it.  You will be putting these on your fridge or at work where you see them daily, so write them each on a sticky note so that they are colourful and always catches your eye.


Camp 1:

Your goal: {Insert your goal here}

My Goal of Camp 1: Run my first 1km at boot camp at less than 6min per km by the 1st of February


Camp 2:

Your goal: {Insert your goal here}

My Goal of Camp 2: Do at least 8-10 normal push ups (not ladies push ups) with a great form by 1st of March


Camp 3:

Your goal: {Insert your goal here}

My Goal of Camp 3: I’m a bridesmaid at a good friend’s wedding, and after all the indulgence of Christmas & New Years, I really want to feel toned and confident on her big day. I know by 12 weeks, I will see a clear difference in my body. So by the 29 of March I want to look into the mirror and see the difference.  I’m also taking pics for myself to see how my body has changed from the first camp.


Now it’s your turn, fill in the blank goals and comment below to inspire & motivate one another.  Don’t forget to keep these goals close by so you have something to work towards.

Good luck with the first day back at camp, looking forward to this year & achieving our goals together!

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