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Our Top 5 Tips On Staying Active In Colder Weather


We’re all about SETTING GOALS and IGNORING EXCUSES this month! Last week’s blog post included valuable tips on Setting Goals Like A Boss! This week, we’re chatting about using the colder weather as an excuse to stay indoors and skip Camp!



  1. Layer up!

There’s nothing like a few warm layers to keep you snug and warm until your body begins to heat up.

ACTION POINT: Make sure that your first layer pulls moisture away from your body – moisture-wicking fabric is ideal; cotton is Big No. Then add a fleece layer, followed by a thin waterproof layer if needed.


  1. Stay hydrated!

It is very easy to dehydrate in Autumn and Winter – especially if you are warming up with increased cups of coffee! Dehydration will make you feel tired and sluggish, and less likely to want to go and workout.

ACTION POINT: Keep a one-litre bottle of water with you in the car. If you drink 1 litre of water on the way to work/ school and again on the way home, you will have significantly dented your water intake requirements for the day!


  1. Stretch!

It’s easy to spend most of winter huddled under a blanket next to the heater – and before you know it, your back and neck muscles are in spasm.

ACTION POINT: When watching TV, spend ten minutes lying on the floor doing some stretches, crunches or lunges – anything that keeps your muscles warm and gives you an opportunity to elongate your back and neck. A foam roller is another fabulous idea to keep next to the couch!


  1. Turn the volume up!

If you’re dragging your feet and not feeling like heading to camp, turn the music UP! There’s nothing like some vibey music to get your energy levels up.

ACTION POINT: Create a playlist specifically for the drive to camp!


  1. Get your workout gear ready the night before!

If you’re an Early Camper, then get your workout gear ready and waiting the night before. Make sure it’s somewhere VISIBLE so that it’s hard to ignore over the sound of your excuses!

ACTION POINT: Invest in some beautiful stylish winter workout gear – you will be far more motivated to wear it when you see it as soon as you wake up each morning!


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