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My favourite F word!

Very few people can understand the depth and strength of Adventure Boot Camp friendships, unless they have personally experienced them.

I was trying to explain it to a friend of mine over coffee the other day (okay fine, it was over WINE), but found it strangely hard to convey.

But how on earth do you make friends in the few minutes before and after Boot Camp,” she asked in confusion.

It’s more about the DURING,” I tried to explain. “There’s something extremely powerful about a group of women that show up for themselves and each other. It’s like the perfect mix of unconditional acceptance and encouraging each other to be better.

Hmmm,” pondered my friend. “Sounds serious.”

Silence while I choked on my coffee/ wine.

It’s anything BUT!” I laughed. “We’re serious about getting our workout done, but we’re certainly not serious about life. In fact, some of my best ab have been because I am crying with laughter at some of the stories that are shared. It’s why I will rarely miss a session – these women are hilarious!

It’s something I really miss when I am travelling. And while I will ALWAYS find a way to exercise, nothing comes close to the friendship and fun we have at camp, while we are working out. Friendships that I’ve learnt have stood the test of time – despite people moving overseas, changing time slots or having babies.

Maybe it’s because we are so REAL during that time – none of us feel the need to be “perfect” and “have it all together”. We show up as we are with no makeup, no airs and no graces – just women who have set aside that hour because they know they need it, and they know they matter. And above all, they are there to champion each and every person that shows up too. No judgement and no expectations – just a desire for everyone to be the best they can be.

How amazing is that? It’s one of the (many) reasons I joined Adventures Boot Camp HQ – because I saw how powerful these groups of women are, the impact that the trainers have in the lives of their campers, and the lasting results that follow. Lives are changed through Adventure Boot Camp, and I wanted to be part of it!

I know you understand EXACTLY how I feel.

One thought on “My favourite F word!

  1. At Orchards in Johannesburg it is the chicken bones that bind us. You may ask yourself what the dickens a bone has to do with friendship! You have to be a camper with Michelle Rozowsky in order to comprehend the magic of a chicken bone.

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