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KEEP CALM – Just 57 days to Christmas!

Not that I am counting, but it is officially 57 days until Christmas and 62 days until the end of the year.

And while it’s crazy to think that we are so close to bidding farewell to 2018 (and even more crazy to think about the kids’ exams, year-end functions, deadlines and other tasks we need to get done before the end of the year), it’s also the best time to Stop. Pause. Breathe. And think.

You still have 62 beautiful news days left of this year:

  • How can you use them WISELY?
  • What can you do to ensure you live each day to the FULL?
  • What “busy” tasks (that have NO lasting value) can you eliminate to free up some time?
  • How can you give people the gift of your FULL attention?
  • What important GOALS did you set earlier in the year that you can still work on?
  • What PEOPLE have you lost contact with that you feel need prioritizing in the next few weeks?

At the end of the day, so many of us grit our teeth and end up scraping through the last two months of each year. And dare I say it? Much of that stress is self-imposed and unnecessary.

We set ourselves ridiculous To Do lists, prioritise things that actually aren’t as important as we make them out to be, and put so much pressure on ourselves to have the PERFECT body, PERFECT house, PERFECT Christmas gifts and PERFECT holiday plans – and end up frazzled and the very worst versions of ourselves.

So my challenge really is this – how do you want to FEEL at the end of the year? Work backwards from there. If you want to feel rested, healthy and in good shape, then overhaul your eating plan NOW. Get to camp NOW. Get to bed early TONIGHT.

If you want to help your kids get through exams with their sanity (and yours) intact, then set your home up for success. Keep healthy snacks, balanced routines, early nights and a healthy dose of fun at the ready. Take the family out for walks before dinner. Ensure they have enough downtime over the weekends to catch their breath. Include little notes or jokes in their school lunch.

If you want to plan the “perfect” Christmas or holiday – set a firm budget, ask each family member to write down their “Bucket List” items so that everyone gets a say in how their time is spent, and think of ways that you can give back to the community during that time. Create a photobook of pictures afterwards to capture the memories. Spend some time baking and freezing delicious festive goodies while playing cheesy Christmas Carols on repeat.

If you think about it, these last two months could end up being the most amazing and memorable months of 2018. Don’t squander them feeling stressed and unhappy.

Use the time to smash some goals – health, personal and family. OWN the time and make it work for you.

Everyone in your family will benefit, trust me!

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