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It’s the 91st of January, I swear!

Is it me or does payday seem a million light years away? It feels like it’s the 91st of January and I have vague recollections of being on holiday sometime recently…


I always think that January is a strange time – it’s like 2019 has begun with all its routines and expectations and I want to shout, “I’M NOT READY!”


In fact, it’s all too easy to be sucked right back into the old habits and routines that we were desperate to change in 2018 – something that I am determined not to do!


Last week, I shared my hubby’s little post-dinner-reality-check-advice – advice that I have taken to heart. Talk about a weight being lifted off my shoulder.


Today, I want to share something that I call the B.M. (and no, it’s not a bowel movement!)


Instead – B.M. stands for the Bare Minimum – something that Type A personalities and we perfectionists don’t like to think about.


But in all our time spent with goal setting and deciding who we want to be and what we want to do in 2019, there’s something to be said for pinpointing your BM (Bare Minimum).


Here’s how it works in my case:


As I mentioned last week, I will be focusing on doing ONE thing in 2019 (instead of doing my usual 10+ list of goals). Doing that ONE THING consistently will be life changing and will filter down into many other areas of my life.




When I consistently exercise, it filters down to so many other areas of my life that benefit as a result. I make better eating choices = I lose weight without overthinking it. I feel more confident about myself, I dress better and take pride in my appearance, and I drink more water.


Realistically though, I am going to have days when I am tired, not feeling well, caught up in work deadlines or dealing with other LIFE things that ultimately crop up.


So I need to set my BM (Bare Minimum) – in other words, if LIFE happens in that week, what is the LEAST I must absolutely do to keep to my goal and make sure that my self-care doesn’t slide down my list of priorities?


For me, my BM (Bare Minimum) is exercising three times a week.


Ideally, I want to make it to Boot Camp 5 days a week, but if life happens and I can’t get there, I can downscale to 3 times a week. So if I skip a day, I KNOW I have to go the next day or take myself out for an after-dinner walk.


Knowing my BM (Bare Minimum) means that I don’t panic about missing a session, and have factored in a balanced approach for when life gets in the way of my plans.


It also helps keep me accountable to ME – and not self-sabotage all the hard work I have done so far.


So go ahead and set your OWN BM (Bare Minimum) – one that is reasonable and responsible, and one that frees you to be the best possible YOU in 2019.


After all, small things done consistently add up to BIG THINGS over the course of the year!


(Now aren’t you relieved I didn’t talk about Bowel Movements?)


2 thoughts on “It’s the 91st of January, I swear!

  1. I really enjoy your weekly articles. Funny and inspiring! Keep it up. My word for the year is consistency, particularly as it refers to eating well and exercising so I really love the idea of having a bare minimum. Mine is also 3 times a week, ideally including a Monday as that helps me to start. Enjoy the rest of your week

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