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I wish complaining about my weight burn calories!

In a world where we have instant messaging and instant gratification at every touchpoint, WHY CAN’T WE HAVE INSTANT RESULTS when eating well and exercising our butts off?


You would think that if they can put an actual man on the actual moon almost FIFTY YEARS AGO that they could’ve figured out a way for us to do one Adventure Boot Camp session and have an amazing six pack to show for it!

Sigh, if only!

The very hard truth remains that the results we want to see can only be achieved through… (wait for it), CONSISTENCY.

Not a quick fix diet that results in a 6kg weight loss (which is actually MUSCLE LOSS – fat takes much longer to lose), not a full week of overtraining (only to crash and burn the following week, before giving up completely), and DEFINITELY not an all-or-nothing attitude that sees us swinging from one extreme to the other.

It’s all about CONSISTENTLY doing the NRT (Next Right Thing) over and over, until we receive the results we want. And then CONSISTENTLY doing what is needed to maintain those results.

Seriously – if we all just got THAT right, we would never have to worry about our weight or fitness ever again. Just imagine how good that would feel.

So as we move into a brand new month, let’s take a brand new attitude with us. Let’s resolve to be CONSISTENT with our workouts and our eating in the coming month.

This means showing up at each and every Adventure Boot Camp session (or using the Flexi option if we can’t make it), eating magnificently each and every day (and NOT throwing in the towel if we have a meal out and feel that we’ve overindulged), and firmly resolving to allow our bodies to work at their own pace – shedding, toning, stretching and detoxing.

Because while you might not SEE the results at first, they are happening under the surface. Let them unfold in their own good time, while doing everything you can to CONSISTENTLY do what you need to do.

Here are a few more tips and tricks that can help:

  • Take a selfie on the same day each and every week – and excellent way to track your process without weighing yourself!
  • Use our Meal Planner in the Camper Zone to reboot your eating habits and discover fabulous and exciting recipes that the whole family can enjoy!
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep – muscle toning takes place at night during the REM portions of your sleep cycle.
  • Embrace weight training – cardio is great, but working with kettle bells, sandbags and medicine balls  helps to increase our ability to fat burn long after the workout session!

As I’ve said before – the time is going to pass anyway, you might as well use it to CONSISTENTLY move in the direction you are wanting to go.

Or as that popular saying goes, “In four months’ time, you will have wished you started today!”


One thought on “I wish complaining about my weight burn calories!

  1. Thanks for the article. This has always been my motto – “consistency”. Even on the days when you feel like crap, you just need to do it. There’s really only positives that can come from it anyway! 🙂

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