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How many Mondays have been and gone since you said, “I’ll start next week”?

If you ever need a shot of instant motivation and inspiration, the Inspiring Stories on our website is the place to be.

Not only because we all love to hear that change IS possible – that someone has traveled the journey before us and left footprints for us to follow. But also because there is something quite spectacular about the SIDE EFFECTS that happen in our lives when we consistently prioritize our workouts.

There’s always a reason why we START – but the unexpected rewards our Inspiring Campers talk about after just a few camps – that’s where the magic lies!

Many of our campers have commented that they joined Adventure Boot Camp for one of three reasons – to increase their fitness, improve their muscle tone, and lose weight.

All perfectly good reasons and ones that Adventure Boot Camp can absolutely facilitate.

Yet a few months into their journey, when we ask what results they are most proud of, their response is VERY different!


I can’t believe what my body can do!

This is one of our favourites – when women wake up to how strong, capable and tough they REALLY are. Many of them have lived their entire lives with an internal story that they’ve told themselves – “I’m not sporty”. Most often, this is a story that began at school – and one they have carried with them ever since.

That moment when they begin to run further, plank longer, and override their brains telling them that they “can’t”, is life-changing.


The move from “I can’t” to “I can” – priceless!


I now dress differently

We love this one – as our campers begin feeling more confident in their own bodies, they no longer feel like hiding under baggy clothes.

This, in turn, affects how they walk and how they carry themselves. They reflect a SELF-CONFIDENCE that comes from within. Not because they have a perfect body, but because they are PROUD of what their body is able to do.


The move from “I look awful” to “that looks pretty good, actually” – priceless!


I can’t believe the difference in my family

So many women feel that a sustained exercise program will have a negative effect on their family. That carving that hour a day out for themselves will ROB their family of time and energy.

Yet, the OPPOSITE happens.

Because they are less stressed, happier within themselves, more confident and more energized, their families reap the rewards almost instantly.

Instead of feeling tired and drained, they feel more FULFILLED – and this energy overflows into the lives of their partners and children.


The move from “It’s selfish” to “it has transformed my family” – priceless.


I got a promotion

It’s amazing what happens when we change from the inside out. When we begin to see what we’re capable of doing and no longer put our needs last, the results are often unexpected.

Like in the workplace when you start speaking up because you believe that who you are has VALUE. When you begin dressing and walking with confidence. When you don’t need external motivation to get the job done, but feel inspired from within because you are energized and self-motivated.


The move from “Let’s just get through the day” to “Bring it on – I’m ready” – priceless.


Remember that the ONLY bad workout is the one that didn’t happen! Love yourself enough to exercise – your Success Story may just be a few weeks away…

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