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Helping Others in our Communities

A few things I have never mentioned (although they are VERY close to my heart!)

I’ve never been one to blow my own trumpet and would FAR rather talk about someone else’s amazing successes than my own – a habit that seems to spill over into my work life!

I recently realised that I don’t often share the amazing work that Adventure Boot Camp is doing behind the scenes. We may not make a loud noise about it, but our impact is definitely making a significant difference!

In fact, there are so many amazing ways that Adventure Boot Camp has impacted the lives of women, places and communities around the county. Our firm belief is that we should leave each and every person and community better than we found it, by leaving quiet footprints of the lives of those we meet.

Here are a few  of my favourites:

NORWOOD/ ILLOVOThis Adventure Boot Camp franchise recently donated a whopping R47 000 to the Princess Alice Adoption Home.

HOW? According to trainer Michelle Rozowsky, “This is a gruelling challenge that I put together each year during July and August. I basically put together a 45-minute challenge consisting of 20 different exercises which campers need to complete within the time limit. The ladies have four weeks to train for this at camp and they go out and get sponsors to back them to complete it at the end of the four weeks. The first exercise consists of a 1km run followed by 40 to 50 reps of 19 other tough power exercises.”

The results were spectacular and the Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff was incredibly grateful for the massive donation! As you can imagine, it was put to good use!

SECURITY GUARDS – Many of our franchises make a concerted effort to ensure that the valued security guards are well looked after!

(Those of you that start camp before sunrise will know how cold it can be – and how these amazing guards make sure that we can all exercise safely!)

HOW? Our Pinetown franchise is just one of many that keeps our security guards warm and looked after!















GROCERIES FOR THOSE IN NEEDOur campers have HUGE hearts, and will often rally together around a specific cause or cry for help.

HOW? Our Bryanston franchise were quick to donate to two charities this winter (both animals and people need help during the colder months!) We are so proud of them and the lives they impacted.

These are just a few of the many ways we aim to leave people (and communities) better than we found them! And we couldn’t do any of it with you – our inspiring, strong and caring Campers that never fail to show up for others.

Thank you for helping us help others – we salute you!



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