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FIVE THINGS that you can do right now to fight fatigue!

I’m SUPER TIRED. It’s like normal tired but I’m wearing a cape.

Is it just me or do you also feel completely exhausted this time of year? Despite sleeping well, eating well, taking all my vitamins and relaxing over the weekends, I seem to be dragging myself around at the moment.


Yesterday, an 80 year old woman actually sped past me at Woolworths while I was dragging myself behind my trolley (trying desperately to avoid the chocolate aisle and its promise of a quick sugar-fix!) That’s when I knew I had to do something, and fast.


So I visited Aunty Google – and as always, she came up trumps!


Turns out that the issue of tiredness is anything BUT straight-forward. Certain health factors can contribute to those feelings of exhaustion, including low blood pressure, low iron levels and adrenal fatigue (more commonly known as “burnout”). Not to mention stress, not enough (or poor quality) sleep, an imbalanced diet, active children, an overactive mind and so much more.


So what’s a girl to do?


Turns out that it’s best to get back to basics, make a few tweaks and head to the GP if it doesn’t improve.


In fact, there are FIVE THINGS that you can do right now to fight fatigue!


  1. EAT LITTLE BUT OFTEN – healthy meals and snacks every 3-4 hours are far more beneficial than larger meals less often. Opt for low GL foods, include protein wherever possible, and load up on as many colourful fruits and vegetables that you can. Make it a challenge!


  1. GET MOVING – our favourite topic! While every fibre of your being might be screaming for REST, research has shown that you build energy by using energy (if only the same thing could be said about my bank account!) Regular Boot Camp sessions will also feed your soul – there’s nothing like other campers to give you a boost when you’re feeling tired!


  1. EMBRACE LOAD SHEDDING – and no, we’re not talking about electricity! Carrying excess weight puts additional strain on your heart and makes you tire faster. Just carry around a 5kg sack of potatoes and see how much harder you have to work. Lose unnecessary weight and you’ll feel far more energetic!


  1. SLEEP WELL – it’s all about routine! Remember how great you felt when you were younger and had the same bedtime every night? Turns out that adults should be doing the exact same thing! Go to bed and get up at the same time, avoid taking naps, and be sure to wind down and avoid electronics in the hours before you turn out the light!


  1. DRINK MORE – water, not wine! Our bodies are made up of 80% water, so even the smallest levels of dehydration will make you feel sluggish and tired. Drink 2 litres of water a day for the next five days and monitor your energy levels – it really works!


As always, consult your GP if those feelings of exhaustion don’t improve. We want you fighting fit and radiating health and vitality – you deserve nothing less!

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