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When you’ve lost that loving feeling…

I’ve noticed something quite amazing about myself – see if you can relate…


Every time my life goes pear-shaped, gets challenging or when I am feeling out-of-sorts with the world, my self-love completely disappears.




I did an in-depth opinion poll (okay, I asked my fellow Boot Camp girls while we were running up a hill) and the majority of them had something similar to say:


When the going gets tough, the self-love gets going.


Instead, we binge-watch TV, eat sugary foods, have late nights and prioritise everything other than what will make us feel better in the long-term.


What’s up with that, ladies?


So this February – officially the month of LOVE – let’s try something a bit different.


10 Ways To Practice Self-love In February


It may not be Rocket Science, but it’s a sure-fire way to end the month looking and feeling your best.


  1. Decide that your M. (Bare Minumim) will be attending each of your Boot Camp sessions – that no matter what happens to your diet, water intake. alcohol consumption and sleep – you will do the absolute BM and attend all your sessions.


  1. Treat yourself to a special beauty treatment – it doesn’t have to be pricey, WikiDeals and com have some amazing specials on manis, massages and facials. The key is to BOOK IT IN ADVANCE so it is in the diary for February.tedx


  1. Decide on THREE affirmations, write them on Post-IT notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror, steering wheel or computer screen. Decide what statements you most wish to internalise and take it from there!


  1. Create a playlist for the car – music is the best mood enhancer there is, but go once step further and create a playlist!


  1. Make a list of friendships you want to prioritise this month – either with your “tribe” or perhaps with people that you’ve lost contact with. Schedule (there’s that word again) some catch up sessions for the month ahead.


  1. Embrace the teachings of other peoplewatch some inspiring and challenging TedX talks while you eat lunch every day, download podcasts to play in the car, or treat yourself to a challenging biography from the book shop. It is amazing what we can learn from the lives of others – and it’s the best way to get out of a rut!


  1. PDTP (Put Down The Phone) – why not download an app that monitors the time spent on your phone? I guarantee that you will be HORRIFIED by the amount of time you spend looking at a screen. Put down the phone at 5pm each day and only check it once more before bedtime!


  1. Spend time outside – I recently read an article about how the palms of our hands can absorb all the Vitamin D we need for the day in just TEN MINUTES! This is vital in a world of sunscreen and Vit D deficiency – so get those ten minutes of sun on the palms of your hands each day (and see how it affects your mood!)


  1. H20 – did you know that feeling down is a common symptom of dehydration? Check your wee and make sure it is always verging on clear. For me, the easiest thing to do is carry a 2L water bottle around with me – that way I always know how much I am drinking and can guzzle it on the journey home, if needs be!


  1. Try ONE new thing this month – whether it’s a line dancing class, new drinks hotspot or local tourist attraction you’ve never been to, SCHEDULE (are you sensing a trend here?) it in advance and take loads of photos to capture the moment.



At the end of the day, self-love is vital to our well-being and it’s up to US to make sure it happens.


Don’t leave it to chance – plan these 10 steps and see how AMAZING your month will be. Despite “life happening”.


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