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Don’t get “cold feet” this winter – keep training!

Yes, we KNOW that “summer bodies are made in winter”, but it’s not that easy when every fibre of our being is BEGGING us to spend an extra half hour in bed. So what’s a girl to do about exercising in winter?

Thankfully, we don’t have to rely on motivation to get us to Boot Camp (it’s fickle at the best of times – and I think mine is on holiday somewhere warm right now!)

Instead, we get to use the phenomenal #5SecondRule that I spoke about last week (how LIFE-CHANGING has it been for you?) while also taking note of these FIVE Surprising Winter Workout Facts that might be just the kick up the butt that you need!

Fact 1: Studies have shown that people of various fitness levels run faster in colder temperatures. In other words, you get fitter faster!
Fact 2: You will burn more calories as your body temperature increases to keep you warm!
Fact 3: Exercising in winter is a fabulous way to get warm – you’ll actually WANT your trainer to get started! (Be sure to layer your clothing so that it’s easy to remove layers as you warm up.)
Fact 4: You sweat less in colder months (YAY!) but don’t forget to stay hydrated! Keep drinking, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
Fact 5: You will truly appreciate that warm up to help prevent injuring cold, tight muscles. An easy jog is always a good way to ease muscle stiffness in chilly weather!Because let’s be real – no-one is going to “feel like” going to each and every workout session this winter. In the same way that we are not always going to “feel like” eating healthily, getting up early, staying hydrated in winter and getting out of our pyjamas.Thankfully, we know better that to listen to our feelings! Sometimes we just have to DTNRT (Do The Next Right Thing), which most often will be getting up, lacing up and showing up!

Have a magnificent week!

Alisha Mackintosh

ABC Marketing Manager

P.S. Our #BeatWinter 40-Day Challenge starts today! Wishing all participants a strong, happy and healthy winter as you do two camps back-to-back! Don’t forget to have your pre-challenge assessment with your trainer today (choose between being measured in centimetres or fitness/ strength).

P.P.S. Not taking part in the 40-Day Challenge? No problem! Simply SIGN UP for camp as usual – either 20, 12 or 4 sessions from 14 May – 8 June. (Click here to find your nearest location.)

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