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Did someone say FOOD?

You know those people that have a really GOOD relationship with food?

You know who I am talking about! Those rare beings that eat when they are hungry, enjoy a fabulous burger and chips and then go back to “normal” eating afterwards without a second thought, and who genuinely don’t have any ISSUES with food? 

Sadly I am not one of them. But I AM working on it!

For me, I have spent so many years subconsciously dividing food into “GOOD” and “BAD” categories in my head that it’s so hard to unlearn what is essentially a destructive way of thinking.

But I am determined to get there!

I am determined to view food both as FUEL and as something to be ENJOYED and CELEBRATED, without any of the guilt that so many of us feel afterwards. Guilt that serves no purpose whatsoever (other than to lie to us and tell us that we have been so “bad” that we might as well keep eating food that will make us feel sluggish, tired, overweight and ill!)

Instead, I am slowly learning to see the way I eat as a balancing act – as part of my everyday choices. I can have that chocolate, but what am I going to give up in return? I can’t realistically have both the chocolate and that glass of wine. Which would I prefer? Would I rather have a bigger and more balanced meal that will keep me going until dinner, or a high-sugar snack that will make me feel hungry soon afterwards? Nine out of ten times, I will choose the bigger, more balanced meal.

It’s about balance and choices. Not about GOOD FOOD and BAD FOOD.

The sooner we learn to realise that food is there to be enjoyed and celebrated, the sooner we can get off this unhealthy bandwagon and begin eating more INTUITIVELY – in ways that make us feel good in every way.

THAT’S when our eating and constant dieting will slip away as we BEGIN TO DO WHAT WORKS. And not what we “should” be doing.

And what a PHENOMENAL example we will set to the next generation of women that learn from our example.

Are you with me?

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