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Boot Camp vs Gym…What’s the difference?

Boot camp vs Gym?


Someone asked me at a dinner party the other night, “So, what exactly do you guys aim to do through Adventure Boot Camp? I get that it’s about exercise – but why do these women come to you instead of going to a gym? Isn’t it the same thing?

My husband had to pat me on the back as I choked on my green smoothie. (Okay, it was a MOJITO – but it had green stuff IN IT. I promise!)

“So I replied with the passion I have for ABC: “It’s not the same thing at ALL. In fact, if you read the second half of our Mission Statement, you’ll find that it’s not JUST about providing a fun and innovative alternative to conventional exercise programs, but also to help women create positive changes within themselves – both physically and mentally!

YOU get that, right? You’ve experienced it firsthand – it starts with showing up for your first camp (probably wondering what on EARTH possessed you to sign up, and stressing about the fact that the trainer might make you RUN and what on earth you’re supposed to do with those sandbags!)

You then find yourself drinking more water (because your body craves it), eating better (you need the fuel, plus why sabotage your workout efforts?), dressing differently (those muscles deserve to be shown off, and how loose are those pants getting?) and ACTING differently (you’re showing up for yourself each and every day, you’re growing stronger and fitter, and you’re actually feeling pretty amazing!)

The CONFIDENCE you develop from that quick one hour a day outdoor working, where you get a personal trainer to motivate you, and a bunch of awesome women getting together, inspiring each other, is astounding. And to be perfectly honest, it transcends anything I have seen happen in a gym.


No day is ever the same.  I’m always amazed at the creativity of our Personal Trainers with coming up with so many new and exciting things, so that I don’t get bored.

After boot camp, you find that voice inside that begins getting louder. The voice that begins saying, “This. THIS is important. These 60 minutes a day have a ripple effect on everything I do, everything I feel and everyone I meet.

And before long, you are saying, “I am important. I deserve to look and feel my best. In a world that demands that I am ALWAYS showing up for OTHER people – my partner, kids, boss, friends and family – I deserve to start showing up for MYSELF. I am important. I matter. This matters.

Let’s also not forget the powerful bond that develops with other women in the group. It never ceases to amaze me how strong those friendships become with time. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we show up as we are – no makeup or jewellery or masks. Just us and this one hour in which to be fully present and ALIVE. It’s powerful stuff and lives change as result of these relationships.

It’s not the same as going to a gym, far from it. And while we will ALWAYS celebrate each and every form of exercise that people do – and do consistently – Adventure Boot Camp is different. We empower, educate and INSPIRE life-long changes on the inside AND the outside – while having fun and smashing our fitness goals. (We also laugh a LOT, but we prefer to think of it as an addition Ab workout!)

So here’s to all of you campers! Those of you that make Adventure Boot Camp what it is, and for the value that you add – often without even knowing it! Thank you!


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