How I learned to overrule my brain! #5SecondRule

Guys, I have been trialling something in my own life over the past few weeks and have been dying to share it with you!   Simply put, I have discovered Mel Robbins and her #5SecondRule and have found it to be LIFE-CHANGING, especially regarding my winter workouts.   Mel Robbins came up with this surprising […]

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Importance of Breakfast for the whole family

BY: FUTURELIFE® (reviewed by Ashleigh Everitt)  The word breakfast means ‘breaking the fast’ as you are eating something for the first time since the previous night and have been in a fasting state1. A paper by Timlin defined breakfast as “the first meal of the day, eaten before or at the start of daily activities […]

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Making your home cooked meals more heart healthy

BY: Lara De Santana (Qualified dietitian at Futurelife)    Health professionals worldwide agree that the cessation of smoking, promotion of exercise, losing weight and eating healthfully is the mantra for cardiovascular health. That’s because diet and lifestyle changes can not only help prevent heart disease, improve your cardiovascular function, but also help you live a longer […]

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