All food is comfort food… If you appreciate it enough.

Let’s be real – sometimes we give healthy food a really bad rep. We’ve trained ourselves to think that “naughty” food tastes the best, and that “healthy” food is a poor substitute when we’re craving something delicious. But in ACTUAL fact, we should be thinking about nutrition. Apples may be healthy, but if that’s all […]

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Our Top 5 Tips On Staying Active In Colder Weather

IT’S ONLY COLD IF YOU’RE STANDING STILL! We’re all about SETTING GOALS and IGNORING EXCUSES this month! Last week’s blog post included valuable tips on Setting Goals Like A Boss! This week, we’re chatting about using the colder weather as an excuse to stay indoors and skip Camp!   SO HOW DO YOU STAY ACTIVE […]

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Our Top 5 Tips On How To Set Goals Like a BOSS!

  LET TODAY BE THE DAY YOU GIVE UP WHO YOU’VE BEEN FOR WHO YOU CAN BECOME! You’ve heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” That’s where we come in – you set the goal, we provide the plan! It honestly doesn’t get much easier than that – all you have […]

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Five things to do this Autumn to stay healthy in Winter

Today’s fun fact – Autumn officially begins on Wednesday 20th of March! Not only does this mean that we’re going to be exercising outdoors in THE most beautiful weather, but also that FLU SEASON is right around the corner. How lovely. There reality is that we all need to seriously “up our game” if we […]

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Okay, you seriously need to move now!

I read something the other day that STOPPED ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS. “Don’t say “I’m too busy”; say “It’s not a priority” – because that’s the real truth.” Wow, okay. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it is. If it really IS a priority, I will find […]

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I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

You said WHAT?!   Can I ask you a serious question?   Why is it that the word we speak to other women are (generally) positive, accepting, affirming and uplifting – yet the words we speak to ourselves are anything BUT?   If you don’t believe me – think of the last time you said […]

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