6 Tips for Crafting a Winning To-Do List

There’s a reason humans have been writing to-do lists since the years of quill pens and parchment paper: they work! Here’s how to tackle your goals head-on (and organise your life in the process) using nothing but a good old-fashioned to-do list. 1. Write down your daily duties – but keep them to a manageable […]

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It’s “Switch Week” this week, which is another way of saying NO CAMP! Simply put, rest is as important as working out – it gives your body a chance to recover while also giving you the opportunity to keep moving and stretching. Here at Adventure Boot Camp HQ, we recommend that you indulge in a […]

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Look like a beauty, train like a beast!

Did you know that new workout gear dramatically increases your desire to exercise? #TrueStory. In fact, studies have shown that 69% of people feel MORE motivated to exercise when shopping for and buying workout gear. Are you one of them? We thought so! In fact, we have a few items that you might want to […]

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All food is comfort food… If you appreciate it enough.

Let’s be real – sometimes we give healthy food a really bad rep. We’ve trained ourselves to think that “naughty” food tastes the best, and that “healthy” food is a poor substitute when we’re craving something delicious. But in ACTUAL fact, we should be thinking about nutrition. Apples may be healthy, but if that’s all […]

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Our Top 5 Tips On Staying Active In Colder Weather

IT’S ONLY COLD IF YOU’RE STANDING STILL! We’re all about SETTING GOALS and IGNORING EXCUSES this month! Last week’s blog post included valuable tips on Setting Goals Like A Boss! This week, we’re chatting about using the colder weather as an excuse to stay indoors and skip Camp!   SO HOW DO YOU STAY ACTIVE […]

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Our Top 5 Tips On How To Set Goals Like a BOSS!

  LET TODAY BE THE DAY YOU GIVE UP WHO YOU’VE BEEN FOR WHO YOU CAN BECOME! You’ve heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” That’s where we come in – you set the goal, we provide the plan! It honestly doesn’t get much easier than that – all you have […]

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