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9 Women share their experience of virtual boot camp

When the nationwide lockdown was announced, ABC immediately sprang into action to find a creative way to keep our community strong even while separated. Thanks to our phenomenal trainers (and the continued support from our amazing campers), ABCLiveStream was born.

With our first-ever virtual boot camp nearing its end, we asked some of our campers what this unique experience has been like for them. This is what they have to say.

I’m actually excited for exercise!

“Although I do miss my trainer, Lisa, and the Botanical Gardens, Camp 4 has been a blast! I have not missed one day, as we all check in with each other afterwards and share photos of the workout (and our pets working out with us). Lisa cheers us on virtually and her videos make it feel like she’s in the room with us. What’s so great about this camp is that you can do it any time of the day. I actually look forward to the workouts, which is something I have never done!” – Stefanie, Pretoria

The WhatsApp group keeps me super-motivated.

“This is my first boot camp and I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing it from home. Besides the challenges posed by lockdown, I have two young children, so getting time to myself is never easy. I have found the Zoom sessions great, and the (very active) WhatsApp group an essential way to help stay motivated in achieving my fitness goals. When I started, I could only do a five-second plank. Now I’m up to 45 seconds!” – Alinke, Pretoria

My trainer really cares.

“I’m a member of the Langham Estate ABC. Having Annie as my trainer reignited my motivation and interest in fitness – physically and mentally. During the lockdown period, I decided to continue her classes online for a number of reasons: the variety of workouts are well thought out and executed with enthusiasm and genuine interest in each of the ladies taking part. I’m always in awe of her dedication, especially with the early morning starts. Also, the feeling of achievement and all-round health and fitness keeps me addicted.” – Avisha, Fourways

I can effectively continue my fitness journey from home.

 “I’ve been doing boot camp now for quite some time, so I was heartbroken when the lockdown was implemented. Luckily, Adventure Boot Camp made a plan, and in the comfort of my own home I can still do my exercises! Thanks ABC (and huge compliments to Liza on giving such awesome classes online!).” – Lacea, Edenvale

Boot camp is improving my physical and mental health.

 “Zoom classes have really been helping me manage the stress of lockdown and working remotely. They give me a chance to keep moving and feel connected.” – Anonymous, Sandton

Having total control over my workout routine is great!

 “The online training has been fantastic! Kerrie is well organised, always on time and reliable. It has been a massive help to keep a routine but also have the option of different workout times for when life happens. The variety of exercises in every class never ceases to amaze me!” – Evelyn, Sandton

My brilliant trainer keeps me going.

 “My sister has always raved about Kerrie’s Bootcamp, but I live just a bit too far to attend them myself. Add to the mix  a 2-year-old and a husband that often travels for work, and it just wasn’t doable. But the Zoom classes opened up that opportunity! In my situation it really works – especially since I don’t have to commute or arrange for childcare. Kerrie has also been fantastic, always checking in after classes and being extremely motivational.” – Evelyn’s sister, Sandton

Live classes help me feel less alone.

“When lockdown started, the plan was that we would receive a daily exercise routine for the 21-day period. I have to confess: I received all 21 days’ worth of workouts, but only managed to do day 1 to 4. By day 4, I was feeling very demotivated by having to exercise alone. I missed the group classes too much and gave up completely. It was also very hard for our trainer to keep me motivated due to the separation. Since the Zoom classes of 3 times per week started, I’ve missed only one live class. I can feel that I’m already starting to become fitter and stronger again, which is motivation enough. But seeing our trainer and the other ladies working out with me has given me the accountability that I need to keep going. Now I no longer feel like I’m doing this alone. Please keep going with the Zoom classes! Of course I still miss having boot camp as usual, but for now feeling less alone in the workout is doing wonders to keep me going.” – Maresa, Brackenfell

Let this make you pumped and excited for our next boot camp starting on the 18th May! Click here to get involved – https://bit.ly/3bbJOoY

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