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Hibernation mode – activated!

I have to admit that I am deeply conflicted.

I have spent the weekend contemplating deep and meaningful things (like did you know that if Oprah Winfrey married Deepak Chopra, her married name would be Oprah Chopra? Mind-blowing!)

But on a semi-serious note, I have been pondering about divorce rates and if they increase or decrease during winter. The reason being, that my (new) husband and I seem to have developed a deep rift over the issue of WSTD (Who Steals The Duvet).

Just joking, my husband is the best but I am now contemplating NAILING my side of the duvet to the bed frame, to avoid those unfortunate episodes when he rolls over and takes half the duvet with him, leaving me with chattering teeth (and a murderous rage). I can only wonder how couples manage to stay married winter after winter after winter?!

In more relevant news, I am determined to cope better with winter this year (instead of moaning up a storm and dressing for a blizzard that I may or may not have done in the past!) My new positive mindset might have something to do with the amazing rain fall we have had in Cape Town – there might even be a long hot bath in my future!

But seriously, there is also something quite remarkable about being PREPARED for the colder months – both physically and mentally!

Here are a few changes I am making to ensure that this winter is an absolute breeze – and yes, the duvet issue might need a bit more work!


  1. Slow Cookers – oh my gosh, are these not the best invention ever? It takes a matter of minutes to get everything chopped and in the Slow Cooker before I leave for work, and there is NOTHING better than coming home at the end of the day to a house that smells amazing! There are some fantastic recipes online, it’s a great way to get your family eating a wide variety of vegetables, and there is hardly any clearing up to do. If you do ONE thing this winter – invest in a slow cooker!
  2. Embrace the cold – don’t just tolerate it, but actually ENJOY it! This time of year is a great excuse to haul out your softest and fluffiest blankets, buy new slippers, and cosy up your evenings. If you don’t have a fireplace – light candles! It’s all about surrounding yourself with textures and beauty, and making your home a favourite place to be! (Unless it’s time for Boot Camp – then get out there, girl!)
  3. Research some fun outdoor family activities – there is always something on the go in our amazing cities, so do some research and get the family outdoors! Whether taking part in a trail run or walk, heading to the zoo, discovering some new eateries that offer an indoor fireplace, going ziplining or even trying a new hiking trail – the cooler weather makes outdoor exercuse a pleasure!
  4. Pamper your skin – winter can play havoc with your skin, so be sure to take the best possible care of it. Keep applying sunscreen (the very best anti-ageing skincare product you will ever buy), bump up your moisturiser, be sure to exfoliate your whole body at least once a week, and work hard to keep those heels soft and smooth. You’re going to want to show off that body in a few short months, so take good care of it now!
  5. Get your workout in – yes, it is not always EASY to get to camp in winter. But you know what is MUCH harder? That feeling of regret when you know you needed that workout session more than you needed those extra few minutes in bed or at home.

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