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12 Reasons Why – Join the #MYJOURNEYTOSUMMER!

“It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference in your body, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice!”


We will be the first to tell you that there are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight, toning your body and getting fit. It takes TIME.

Our trainers are always telling us that women want to start seeing results right away, and get frustrated when they don’t. What many of us don’t realise is that our bodies ARE changing even when we don’t see physical results right away. Increased energy, decreased body fat (which doesn’t necessarily mean drop on the scale), lower cholesterol and balanced insulin levels are all examples of our bodies changing for the better.

But somehow we all still want to SEE the results – on the scale, in the mirror and in our clothes.

Enter <<drumroll>> Adventure Boot Camp’s exciting #MyJourneyToSummer program with Multiply (24 September – 14 December) – a brand new 12-week exercise journey that has been designed to reboot your health, fitness and eating!

12 weeks where you COMMIT to CONSISTENTLY doing TNRT (The Next Right Thing), as part of a group of women that are just as committed, focussed and eager to achieve their goals at you!

  • Will you SEE results? Definitely!
  • Will you FEEL different? Absolutely!
  • Should you SIGN UP and take part? YES! This is your chance to waltz into December looking and feeling like the best version of yourself!



1. You pay just R28 a session for the best Personal Trainers to motivate, train and help you sculpt that body EVERY DAY for 12 weeks!

2. You are making a firm commitment that you will NOT BEGIN YOUR DECEMBER  HOLIDAYS feeling unhappy about your health, fitness and wobbly bits. You have decided that enough is enough – you are going to DO THIS so you can feel amazing about yourself at the end of the year!

3. You will receive UNLIMITED FREE FLEXIS so you can go to ANY Adventure Boot Camp in South Africa during the challenge. So there’s no need to skip your workout on a Public Holiday or during the School Holidays – just find your nearest camp location and  get your one-hour workout done and dusted! Click here to see our public holiday times for the 24th of September.

4. You can log your MULTIPLY or VITALITY points every day! (#MyJourneyToSummer is proudly brought to you by MULTIPLY – have you checked out their amazing benefits? Click here for details.)

5. You will enjoy fun, varied, exciting and focused workouts each and every day for 12 weeks. Why not download Journey to Summer 12 week programme, print it out and put it up on your fridge and plan your workout days and know what to expect!

6. This is your chance to HYPER-TARGET those areas that bother you so much, whether it’s flabby arms, a wobbly tummy, jiggly thighs or working on your core so that you can be fitter and faster – your trainer will help you focus on those areas!

7. Receive FREE nutritional advice from our qualified dietitian, Kim Hofmann.  Kim will be sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise every Wednesday throughout the program – and trust me, you will NOT want to miss out on the insight, wisdom and practical advice she will be sharing with all participants! (Topics include: the importance of stable blood sugar levels, portions, portions, portions – food exchanges, what is YOUR formula, your recommended eating plan.)

8. Fresh air, sunshine and the opportunity to exercise SAFELY outdoors!

9. Membership to our exclusive closed #MyJourneyToSummer Facebook group where you can encourage, motivate and help each other, while also sharing your progress with others. It’s incredibly motivating to see others smashing their goals right before your eyes!

10. Amazing PRIZES, including hampers and vouchers courtesy of Coverderm! Each time you attend a session, your name will be added into the lucky draw!

11. Women who train together become the greatest of friends – there is no better way to start or end your day than with these incredible women that are doing the challenge alongside you!

12. Just think of how much ENERGY you will have, how much body fat you will have lost, how your cholesterol will benefit and how much more CONFIDENCE you will have!

12 weeks to achieve all that? I can’t think of a downside. Can you?

I am ALREADY EXCITED to see what you will achieve in the #MyJourneyToSummer program – it’s going to be a complete and utter GAME CHANGER!

Please come and join us – we would LOVE TO HAVE YOU!

4 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why – Join the #MYJOURNEYTOSUMMER!

  1. Hi

    I’m very keen to give this a go but am out of the country until the 8th of October. Could I start that week and so do a shortened course?

    I’m based in Parkhurst, Johannesburg and so am also not sure what my nearest camp venue would be.


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