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Adriaan Potgieter

Jan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School & Cape Town High

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Adriaan describes himself as a fitness freak with a larger than life sense of humour! Born and raised in Cape Town Adriaan was extremely active at school and that’s continued throughout his life as his favourite hobbies include powerlifting, bodybuilding and hiking. Things that not many people know; Adriaan spent two years as a pastry chef and plays both the classic and bass guitar. His advice to his campers: “Stay committed. Fitness and weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but with consistency. Don't let not seeing immediate results give up, the results will come if you stick with it. Don't see it as a chore, but get excited about it. Set goals out for yourself and take pleasure in achieving those goals. Abs are made in the kitchen. You need to compliment your training with a healthy diet, but don't starve yourself! Eat regularly and make healthy food choices, you will get better and faster results this way. It is near to impossible to out-train a bad diet.” And lastly, don’t let the tough guy exterior fool you – Adriaan has two little Yorkshire Terriers.

Angelique Starbuck

Curro Private School & Edgemead High School

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Angelique was born and bred in Port Elizabeth, but she now calls Cape Town her home. Her friendly, bubbly personality is instantly contagious and she loves to help and motivate others towards their goals. Having been unfit, overweight and demotivated in the past, Angelique knows exactly what thousands of campers go through and she is determined to make a difference! She draws inspiration from her husband and when not teaching camp, Angelique remains active by walking, surfing, running, hiking and more. She obtained her Personal Trainer qualification through HFPA. You are in great hands!

Bonnita Connolly

Century City pm

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Bonnita is an active, lively individual, with a zest for life and she loves being on the move, always looking for new challenges and ways to improve. She participated in athletics, netball and swimming but found her true calling in the fitness & exercise arena and so decided to pursue this passion. She specializes in the basic science of exercise foundations, body conditioning, spinning, aerobics, athletics, Zumba, power boxing and step. She is a qualified Fitness Trainer at HFPA, where she also keeps updated with the latest trends and improvements in the fitness industry. Qualified in deep tissue massage and recover massage too. She believes in overall wellness, spirit, mind & body. She has also gained knowledge in the area of nutrition and believes a healthy lifestyle includes a balance of good nutritional habits and exercise. She is passionate about helping others and thrives on motivating and seeing goals being reached through her input. She's a motivator, an encourager as well as a great believer in team work and you are always guaranteed a great laugh in her presence!

Happiness Mesi

Wynberg Boys' High School

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Janine Wyatt-Mair

Constantia Waldorf School & Fish Hoek High School

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Janine is a bubbly, energetic person who enjoys helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through fun, challenging, motivational training sessions. Exercise has always been part of her life, starting with ballet, gymnastics, horse riding, netball, cross country and athletics and later becoming a keen sport climber and scuba diver. Whilst working in the film industry as a stunt performer and SFX Technician she studied Exercise Science and Group Training, including Hi/Lo, Katabox, Stretch and Tone, Body Conditioning and Bosu, as well as Personal Training through Intec College, Reebok and Fitpro. She is at her happiest when her campers are able to achieve their goals through creative, energetic classes where sweat and smiles are guaranteed!

Jason Barnard

Kirstenbosch Gardens & WP Cricket Club

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Jason is an outgoing, life loving and sports fanatical family man. Sports and fitness have been part of his life since a very early age and has taken him all over the world, giving him valuable experience. He has represented Eastern Province in both cricket and soccer!  At the age of sixteen, Jason left his home town in Port Elizabeth to start his career as a footballer in Cape Town. Since then he has represented South Africa and enjoyed a long career, playing at the highest level. It is his sporting lifestyle that has helped him discover his passion for helping others achieve their goals. He obtained his exercise science qualification through HFPA in 2006 and has many years of experience working as a personal trainer as well as four amazing years working as a Commando Boot Camp (CBC) trainer.

Jason Brown

Sea Point Promenade

Details coming soon.

Jason Louw

Bergvliet High School

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Jason is the type of person who meets challenges head-on rather than sweeping them under the rug and hoping they go away. He considers himself highly motivated and very good at what he does, but he also realises that there is always room for growth and improvement. Jason loves what he does, and it’s contagious! His passion for fitness, and everything that relates to it, makes him the perfect addition to ABC, coupled with his enjoyment in assisting people with the knowledge and tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Jason has numerous qualifications, including Diplomas in Fitness and Pilates through ETA, and a Certificate in Group Exercise from HFPA.

Lauren da Silver

Pinelands High School

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Dynamite really does come in small packages. At 1.49m tall, Lauren is full of energy and passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals while enjoying the journey. Residing from the Goodwood area, Lauren has qualified in BSc Sport and Exercise Science,BSc Honours Bio kinetics from the University of the Western Cape and completed her ‘Learn to Swim’ instructor course through WPA. She spends her time hiking, swimming and reading with her husband who inspires and motivates every aspect of her life. Her advice for campers wanting to get fit and lose weight; set realistic goals and always remember that self-control and moderation is the key to any successful journey.

Naz-lee Diedericks

Green Point Surrounds

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Armed with her degree in Sports and Exercise Science and completing her honours in Sports and Recreation Management, Naz-lee describes herself as a perfectionist who hopes to share her ambition, hard work and humble attitude with her campers. Naz-lee has traveled within the fitness industry, working on a ship for 9 months teaching yoga, pilates, spinning and boot camp. Her fondest travel memory is teaching her first yoga lesson on the beautiful Half Moon Key island in the Bahamas. Having traveled the world, Naz-lee returned to South Africa to reach her ultimate fitness goals. She aims to become physically, emotionally and spiritually strong enough to help others fulfill their own goals. Her secret to living a healthy life is simple - “I don’t believe in depriving myself, however, moderation is important as we need to look after our bodies.” 

Simone Simon


Simone loves life, laughter and fun. Having been involved in the fitness industry for many years and planning to be a part of it for as long as she can, Simone has achieved Springbok colours for Netball and Western Province colours for Athletics. She also played and coached in England for four years and is a very keen marathon runner. She obtained her Personal Training and Group Training qualifications through ETA and went on to do further studies in Nutrition, Spinning and Aqua. Being a mother of three, she knows how important it is to exercise and to look after yourself, your children, your loved ones and all those around you! She believes that her purpose and mission in life is to add value to the lives of others, to bring out the best in people and to help them achieve any possible goal.

Simone van Wyk

Century City AM & Kenridge Primary School

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Simone loves to create a positive environment in which people can grow by believing in their potential and their personal sense of worth. Her goal is to inspire people to live up to their highest potential, and have them look at her and say ‘because of you I achieved my goals’. It is this attitude that makes Simone an incredibly friendly, energetic and approachable person. She is also very inquisitive, so she likes to keep life interesting! Simone has been around sport and fitness for most of her life, even representing the SA Ice Hockey team at the 2011 and 2012 World Championships. She is qualified in Personal Training, Group Training, Sports Massage & Fitness through the International Fitness Academy.

Trisha Pearson

Green Point Cricket Club

Trisha describes herself as an extremely passionate woman who loves impacting lives wherever she goes and whatever she does. She sees value in people far more than they do in themselves and enjoys seeing others reach their full potential. Trisha loves the outdoors and anything to do with sports and exercise, but at the other end of the spectrum she loves music and recording. In fact, apart from being a trainer, she is also a singer and song writer! Trisha has an Exercise Specialist and Coaching Science Diploma, and of course the knowledge she has gained from this is applied to all her classes.

Wendy-Joy Timmes

ABC Trainer Manager

Wendy-Joy loves life and has made fitness activities part it from a young age, 'I can't help myself, it's in my genes.' She participated in swimming, cross country and medium distance running during her high school years. After matriculating and spending a year in a touring, missionary music & drama team, she settled back in Cape Town to study Drama and Dancing. During this time she also participated in many musicals, often choreographing and directing them. Later she started participating in running and cycling road races and she has completed a number of 2 Oceans Ultra Marathons, two Comrades Marathons, Argus Cycle Tours, Duathlons & Triathlons. In 2006, she qualified as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor and she is ABC's Trainer Manager, ensuring that all our instructors give you the best workout you deserve!

Jameson Colin

Rhenish High School

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Jameson is an outgoing and energetic person from Kansas in the USA. She is witty and likes to think of herself as a quick thinker. Growing up she didn’t really have many hobbies because her time was filled with sport; gymnastics, diving, swimming, and taekwondo. Her dads side of the family has a long legacy of being incredible sportsmen. Her grandfather was one of the first 5 paid rugby players in South Africa. Both Jameson’s uncle and aunt were also on the Olympic team for South Africa in athletics. An indicator that her family has had an influence on her involvement in sport as well as the level at which she has taken part. Her family has definitely been the force of her passion but it was only later in life that she developed an interest for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The fact that ABC gives you an option that is not only sustainable but is also enjoyable is exactly the reason that made her fall in love with the brand, “the fun and engaging environment that is created by the amazing trainers and the women participating makes you want to go train and live the lifestyle that goes with it.” Her best advice to her campers if they want to lose weight and get fit is to be consistent and not be too hard on themselves, “If you miss one class make sure it doesn't turn into missing two or three. If you ‘accidentally’ order pizza one night, make sure you have nice balanced meals for the rest of the week. Do what you love and make sure you enjoy what you do”. Jameson has her qualifications in the following disciplines: BSc Sport Science, Stellenbosch University. BSc Honours: High Performance Sport, Stellenbosch University (currently studying), Les Mills Body Combat, CrossFit Level 1, Cape CrossFit, Sports Massage Level 1 and 2 (currently taking this course), ETA, Sports Strapping. Her secret to living a happy and healthy life is realizing that there is no secret and easy way to have a healthy happy lifestyle but when you find something that makes you happy…Soak it up…Live in the moment and don’t be afraid to be happy.

Adriaan Mostert

Holy Rosary School

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Adriaan is not just passionate about exercise and he thrives on seeing the joy people get from the hard work they put in. He loved athletics and rugby but was inspired to start a career in fitness when he fell in love with his wife. She was already in the fitness arena and she also loved sport. He decided the corporate world was not for him and so followed his passion to become a Personal Trainer. He started at Virgin Active but soon found himself craving fresh air and the freedom of training outdoors and so he ended up at ABC. His tip for handling stress is to have a great workout and most importantly to plan and prioritise often. His secret weapon when it comes to getting and staying fit is to be constant in what you do - “don’t start something you won’t be able to do for the rest of your life. Quick fixes always end up being the long route. If you live healthy the weight loss will follow.”

Chirene Hawke

Beaulieu College

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Chirene participated in athletics, netball and swimming at school but her main love was for tennis. It was here that she realised that it is not only the physical, but the mental aspect that is vital for success and this philosophy has stayed with her throughout her life. It is also what motivated her to study Sport Psychology at UJ, with a diploma in Personal Training. She has gained invaluable experience working with all kinds of different people ranging from 5 to 75 years old and she has learnt a lot about herself in the process. Greater than her love for fitness, is her desire to help educate and motivate people and this led her to do a Life Skills for Kids Facilitator course and to take the leap into the wonderful world of Adventure Boot Camp.

Darren Joyce

Rietvlei Farm

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Darren is a fun-loving, easy-going individual who believes laughter is the best medicine. At school, he achieved his colours in swimming, rugby, athletics and water polo, earning himself an honours blazer. He has also been involved in Kung fu, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, and has competed all over the country, as well as in Thailand. His philosophy on fitness is that good technique will show better results in less time. Darren is inspired when people reach their goals through hard work and dedication. He handles stress by exercising and what he loves about ABC is that it provides ladies with an opportunity to realise their potentials as well as to de-stress, bringing about a healthier, happier individual. He completed a 3 year diploma in Sports Management through UJ as well as a certificate in Sports Massage and a diploma in Exercise Science (Personal Training) through HFPA.

Hermien Mostert

Hoerskool Kempton Park

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If Hermien lacks any sort of qualification, it's most certainly not in the fitness industry! To date she has obtained the a Certification in Exercise Science, Fitpro Personal Training diploma, IIFT Diploma in Cardio Athletic Kick Box (Master Trainer), Step (Master Trainer), Group Fitness, Aerobics Instructor, Seniors, Spinning, Aquatic, Kangoo Jumps SA, Royal Academy of Dancing Teacher and Training Consultant for IIFT. She started her ballet career at the age of 3 and soon to follow were Modern Dancing, Contemporary, Free Style, Hip Hop, Tap and Spanish dancing. While furthering her career in the sports industry, she started at SAA for whom she still works to date - however, she still finds time to teach both personal and group training. Hermien loves dedicating her time to assisting and motivating others, she is passionate about what she does and tries to get the best out of all her clients while assisting them to achieve their goals but also have fun.

Johan Viljoen

Sagewood School

View more information on the Midrand camp.

Johan is a positive, fun and motivated person with a passion for results. Fitness has been a part of his lifestyle from a young age as he participated in sports like running, rugby, tennis, karate and more. Now, with being a father of two, he knows even more what value there is in having a healthy lifestyle. He likes to spice up his workouts with fun and effective exercises so you can rest assured that you will never be bored or unchallenged in his presence! He initially studied Electrical Engineering but decided to change his career to fitness because of his active lifestyle and his passion for helping others achieve their goals, so he obtained his qualification through the Bodyline Fitness Foundation. After working in the fitness industry for over 14 years, he grew tired of training at different gyms and wanted to find the perfect place to help people - that’s how he landed at ABC!

Kerrie Holl

Sandton Sports Club

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Kerrie started doing sports at a young age. Today, she prefers rock climbing and playing tennis and she even has a sky diving license! Her secret to a happy lifestyle involves making time for the small things in life that make her smile. She loves being outdoors, meeting new people and making the most out of her body and she draws her inspiration from people who know who they are and follow their dreams no matter what happens. Kerrie believes that balance and patience are the keys to fitness and weight loss. She points out that one shouldn’t only focus on the negative side - saying no to yourself might even have a positive effect and make you feel strong and in control. Group fitness being her first and favourite qualification obtained (through HFPA), she immediately became interested in working with ABC when hearing about it from a family member. Considering every part of the body and being meticulously designed, Kerrie believes ABC is the perfect work out for every woman.

Leandri De Beer

Tom Newby School & Hoerskool Hans Moore

View more information on the Benoni & Brakpan camp.

Leandri would describe herself as a very hardworking and determined individual, who is always in the pursuit of bettering herself through knowledge and aiming for perfection. She participated in athletics from a young age and her love of sport runs in the family – her father is an athletics coach. She always had a ton of questions for him regarding training and why he did things the way he did, and in her quest for knowledge, she realized that the best option for her would to study Sport Science at varsity. Packing a punch with both a BA degree in Sport Psychology and BA Honors degree in Sport Science, Leandri feels that people spend too much time inside at a desk - they need to experience the fresh air and movement every day! Something not many people know about her - she secretly enjoys crochet, knitting and drawing. Her health tip: Don’t try and aim for perfection, just try and better one thing at a time. This will create lasting good habits that will help you achieve your goals with greater success. Always find a balance. You need to keep yourself happy so find things to do to promote just that!

Louise Gierschick

UJ Hockey Astro Club

View more information on the Emmarentia camp.

Louise's love for sport started at a young age when she played first team hockey and took part in athletics. Ever since, she shares her passion for health and wellness with everyone! Having achieved various diplomas related to Personal Training as well as Body-Walk, Step, Aqua Aerobics and Kata-Box, her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge keeps her campers motivated and determined to achieve their goals. Louise strives to help ladies achieve confidence and shape their bodies in ways they may not think possible. When she is not helping others push their bodies to the limit, she loves to trail run and cycle.

Masego Kakoma

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

View more information on the Roodepoort camp.

Masego is passion driven, disciplined and a talented individual who aims to be a better version of herself. Masego has always loved everything about staying fit and will bring her experience and passion to motivate you with your goals.  She has her Higher Certificate in Personal Training & Sports Conditioning - HFPA, Group Fitness - Fitness Professionals, Spinning - Johnny G, Certified Pre and Post Natal Specialist - Preggie Bellies SA, Pound Pro - PoundFit UK. Masego believes the key to achieving your goals is to commit to the program, stay focus and trust the process.

Michele Reynolds

Brescia House School

View more information on the Bryanston camp.

Michele is a loyal, reliable, determined and fun loving lady who knows everything there is to know about camp as she attended ABC for two years before becoming a trainer! She loves the fact that ABC is for women only, which means we don’t have to worry about ‘whether our bums wobble or if we’ve shaved our legs’. Michele has a Diploma in Exercise Science and Personal Training through HFPA and can think of nothing better than doing what you love for a living. She is a self-confessed ‘hippy’ who recycles absolutely everything that she can and when she is not at camp, Michele spends time mountain biking with her boyfriend.

Assistant Trainer: Helen Johnston

An ‘eager beaver’ when it comes to learning new things and trying new experiences, Helen will try anything once, within reason! Helen is a loyal, reliable, fun-loving lady who tries not to take herself too seriously. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at? Having met most of her friends at ABC, she decided that nothing would be more rewarding than becoming an Assistant Trainer. Now that Helen has reached her goal, she feels as if she has found purpose; something which she hopes to nurture in her campers. When not training, Helen loves to read, bake, cook up a storm and run. Apart from obtaining her certificate in Exercise Science through HFPA, Helen is also a qualified Interior Decorator, which means creativity is bound to be a core part of Helen’s classes! 

Michelle Rozowsky

Orchards Primary School & Wanderers Club

View more information on the Norwood and Illovo camps.

Michelle has been a sports fanatic her entire life. She competed in gymnastics and swimming, at provincial level, from the age of five and continued with gymnastics at an elite level for 10 years. As an adult, she has been involved in the fitness industry since 1994, when she qualified as an Aerobics and Step Instructor through ETA and as a Personal Trainer, through the IFP. Michelle is an outgoing, fun-loving, dedicated person who has a passion for being outdoors and taking on any challenge involving adventure. Her motto in life is: “it's never too late to pursue your dreams and with a positive attitude and the right guidance, anything is achievable.” She aims to reach out to many more women, to help inspire, motivate and lead them to achieving their long-term health and fitness aspirations.

Nicolette Pollock

Laerskool Muldersdrift

View more information on the Ruimsig camps. 

Nicolette started her career as a pre-school teacher, and soon realised that she loved exercise and all that went with it. She started attending ABC in 2010 and from the first day she knew she would love to become a trainer! She then decided to study Group Exercise Instruction with Reebok Education and went on to complete a boot camp- and kettle bell course through HFPA. Nicolette loves to interact with people and help them to achieve their goal of living a happy and healthy life.

Tania van der Meulen

Trinity House, Berario Recreation Centre & Rand Park Primary

View more information on the Randburg, Berario & Rand Park camps.

Born and raised in Gauteng, Tania has grown up outdoors with her sister and three brothers. Whether it was swimming, bike riding, tennis, playing hide and seek or attending her mum’s aerobics classes - being active has always been part of her life. As an adult, she decided to pursue her love for exercise and qualified as a personal fitness trainer through The Fitness Institute of Professionals. Almost 20 Camps later, Tania is no stranger to ABC.  Now a franchise owner, she recalls receiving a free class voucher and decided to join a camp instead of the gym. She loved the social aspect of camp; that women of all ages and walks of life could exercise in the outdoors, a somewhat reminiscence of her years as a child playing outside.  When she isn’t keeping active, Tania spends her time with her partner and two beautiful daughters. Her secret to a balanced and happy life lies in persevering and forgetting to compare herself to others. She believes our bodies work at their own pace and despite your personal challenges, determination and hard work always pays off!

Du Toit Botha

Somerset College

View more information on both the Somerset West camps.

Anita Gerhardt

Pietersburg High School

View more information on the Polokwane camp.

Anita is a loving and caring person who enjoys life. Her inspiration to help others comes from her having lost weight herself and needing the group environment to motivate her to succeed. Anita had done 14 camps as a camper and realised how it changed her life, which is what lead to her joining the ABC family. She has a B-Tech in Forensics but wanted to live her passion every day so she enrolled through IIFT and obtained her qualification as a Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor, as well as completing a Kettle Bell course. What she loves most about ABC, is that the women attending never have to worry about having designer gym clothes or sharing sweaty equipment with strangers. The exercise choices also promote strength, flexibility and balance. 

Danielle van der Walt

Pietersburg High School

Assistant Trainer Danielle's passion for people and fitness is a great match for ABC.  She is a fun, energetic & sporty individual who loves spending time outdoors whether its quad biking, fishing or playing sport. Danielle has always had an interest in sport & fitness and decided to follow her passion and make a career out of it by qualifying with a personal trainers degree. She believes that the most important aspect of your training is to remain consistent and to not give up hope to early or too fast. Most importantly she believes that finding the balance between your social life and healthy living is the key secret to a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Join Danielle as she take you on your fitness journey.


Simone Odendaal


Simone is enthusiastic about life and all its curves! Growing up with 2 siblings in Mozambique she has been active throughout her life; excelling in volleyball, soccer, swimming and underwater hockey. She received her BA in Human Movement Science at the University of Pretoria with distinction, and later completed her Honours in Biokinetics at the Tshwane University of Technology. Her passion for fitness lead her to furthering her studies, completing a number of short course ranging from a spinning instructor, swimming instructor, kinesiology taping, dynamic taping, isokinetic exercises and many more. She believes exercise has immense healing powers, whether we use it for improving our lifestyles, chronic diseases, or weight loss. She lives her life in the hope to inspire those around her every day and believes fitness is all about the human body and soul - If one has a healthy body, a healthy mind follows suit.

Dohme Steynberg

Brainline Learning World

View more information on the Montana camp.

Dohme is athletic, energetic and absolutely loves the outdoors, which is why she studied Sport and Exercise Technology and ended up joining the ABC family. When she is not training her ABC ladies, you’ll most likely find her mountain biking, camping with friends, playing hockey or spending quality time at home. Her advice to potential campers is to make a decision - it's a mind thing, once you join ABC you are already committing to better yourself. Eating healthy and doing exercise go hand in hand, so she recommends ladies eat five small meals a day. With those checks in place, losing weight will follow naturally and you will have lots of fun doing it.

Elizma Wolmarans

Garsfontein High School

View more information on the Garsfontein camp. 

Elizma was already an avid ABC fan before she became an Assistant Trainer and now a franchise owner, having completed 15 camps and loving every second. This has given her a huge understanding of what ABC is about and how to give a challenging but brilliant workout that campers have come to expect! Qualified in Personal Training, Sports Conditioning and Coaching Science, as well as majoring in Psychology, she has a special interest in combining psychology and weight loss to motivate people and help them through their journey to a new and healthier lifestyle.

Leandri JV Rensburg

NG Kerk Groenkloof

An enthusiastic, fun and bundle of laughter best describes this kind hearted Pretoria lady. Born and raised in Hometown Polokwane in Limpopo, Leandri ventured to Pretoria for the city life and followed her greatest passion of fitness and wellness.  Leandri completed her Diploma at ETA as an exercise specialist, specializing in training children, pregnant women and elderly. She continuously strives to increase her skills and has managed to also gain a level 1 certificate from the cycle pro academy for spinning. Besides the love for her husband and dog, Leandri feels that a good combination of training, laughing and loving keeps her the happiest. Her advice to all her campers is to be patient, keep going and keep coming back.


Lene Kruger

Pretoria Botanical Gardens

Lene is an energetic, vibrant, warm and friendly trainer who has a great love for fitness and the great outdoors.  She is a qualified personal trainer, Pilates, boot camp and boxing instructor and will make your training an all-round experience. When Lene isn’t working, she loves to take on the trails for a jog or goes into her more creative side with painting. Her belief is that there is no quick fix and if you want to start, start now!

Nienie Steenekamp

Senwes Park

View more information on the Potchefstroom camp.

Nienie had a passion for sport from a very young age and when the time came to decide on a career, she studied to be a teacher with a focus on Physical Education. After finishing these studies, she furthered her education with an honours degree in Sports Science, a rigorous course involving multiple sport disciplines such as athletics, swimming, gymnastics, tennis and group training. To help her understand individual needs, she did a year’s practical at a gym where she assisted clients in developing individual training schedules and teaching them the latest training techniques. Currently leading spinning classes at the local gym, she still finds time to follow her own training program in road biking, mountain biking and duathlons. Occasionally she does adventure races for a multi-discipline thrill. Nienie is a real people-motivator and enjoys helping clients attain their training goals while having fun at the same time. Her ever-friendly attitude and personal attention will make everyone feel like the most important camper in the class!


Chene Brent

Northwood Boys High School

View more information on the Durban North camp.

Chene comes from a highly competitive sporting background, having played provincial hockey and taking part in various athletics events, it came as no surprise that she chose fitness as a career. Her university years were spent studying BComm Sports Management and a honours in Sport Science which led her to working with girls at a private school in Johannesburg as Girls Sports Coordinator and later as Head of Sport at a private school in Durban. Another passion that she incorporates into her classes, that is sure to make it as fun as it sounds, is dancing. She danced semi-professionally for an elite sport dancing group for a number of years and besides that, she still currently plays hockey, action netball and coaches a number of other sports. She even attends Adventure Boot Camp as a camper herself! ABC has changed the way she looks at fitness and she aims to inspire other ladies to achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small. As she always says: “Dreams are always a size too big and that’s so we can grow into them.” 


Davena O'Connell

Kainon School

View more information on the Westville camp.

Davena describes herself as being controlling at times, however we like to say that there is simply nothing wrong with ‘taking the bull by the horns’ when necessary. She says she simply likes to take charge of the tasks that are handed to her with passion and enthusiasm so that she completes them in an excellent way. She is originally from Richards Bay but moved to Durban in 2009 and has loved it ever since. She now resides in Westville and is currently engaged. She has her Bachelors in Sport Science, at the University of KwaZulu Natal and Diploma in Coaching Science, at ETA, Durban.

Davena has found a sense of security through her love for fitness. For a long time, she struggled with her image but it was training with her friends that she found to be challenging (in a good way), it taught her how to love herself again and discover the enjoyment of life. The fitness industry inspired her to live a healthy lifestyle and this has transformed her life. She loves how ABC is so inspiring and motivating to women. “This different environment allows for women to feel comfortable and know that they are not alone on this journey of theirs and that they get motivation from both me as the Trainer and their friends.” Her best advice to her campers would be to not rush the process, hard work takes time but always pays off in the end if you believe in the process and follow the plan.

Dustin Buck

Brighton Beach Senior Primary & Atholton Primary

View more information on the Bluff & Umhlanga camps. 

Dustin is an energetic person who loves to keep active and stay healthy. He has worked in various gyms through the years as an instructor, on the weight floor, in the aerobic class and at the pool. Although he works full time in the corporate world, keeping his long time love for exercise as fun work, after hours, has always been important to him. He believes it’s important to remember that it’s not how muscular or how fit and strong you are, but rather how healthy and well you are. Being a father has reminded him more of that in recent times. ABC’s style of safe exercise outdoors has inspired him a lot and he believes it offers a great variation of exercise from regular gyms. He is looking forward to getting onto the field and helping fellow campers achieve their goals! 

Ray Brent

St Henry's Marist College

View more information on the Berea camp.

Ray is a dedicated, fun loving trainer who is always keen for a challenge. Born and raised in Durban, he grew up playing as many different sports as possible, including hockey, cricket, ruby and boat sailing! He is a self confessed fitness fanatic so he loves to train and go mountain biking whenever possible. Ray turned this passion into a career when he majored in Sports Science and Business Management through UKZN. Ray’s secret to a happy lifestyle is one that many others would do well to strive towards to: balance. He certainly believes that being able to train women in a fun, outdoor environment contributes to this! What inspires him is seeing people achieve what is said to be impossible and his best advice when it comes to achieving a healthier lifestyle is that firstly, your goals have to be your own and secondly, it takes a lot of hard work! “If looking fantastic was easy then everyone would look it.”

Stacey Bryant


Stacey Bryant is inspired when she gets to see one of her campers reaching their goals through pure determination and goal setting. It’s the boost of confidence that they receive that gives her the most satisfaction. She is a strong believer that if you strive to live a heathier and fitter lifestyle then it requires hard work and an attitude that allows you to do your very best most days. Stacey is energetic and fueled by her passion for learning, when she puts her mind to a task there is no doubt that she gives it her all. Growing up she spent most her time outdoors, camping and riding motocross. Sport is Stacey’s infinite love, she has been racing BMX nationally for eight years and in 2011 she represented SA at the world championships and was awarded her senior Protea colours for BMX racing as well as her junior Protea colours for raw powerlifting. Stacey has her Diploma in Fitness (Sports Conditioning) from Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA), Cycle Pro Academy, Indoor Cycle Instructor, Level 1, Health & Fitness Professionals Academy (HFPA), Sports Massage as well as Pulse Point, First-Aid, Level 1. 

Barbara Gouws

Centurion High School

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Barbara is an energetic and enthusiastic trainer with experience designing and monitoring fitness programs to accommodate client’s needs and requirements. She is results orientated, with a passion for developing stamina, a healthy lifestyle and a sense of wellbeing. The part of Barbara’s job that she finds most rewarding is seeing her clients not only improve their fitness, but also gain self-confidence as their bodies change.  She believes that all health and fitness is rooted in a proper foundation of core strength and muscular flexibility. Having been overweight herself, and knowing what the road to health involves, makes it easier for her to understand what her campers experience and need!

Colleen du Toit

Cornwall Hill College & Southdowns College

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Colleen is a mother of two daughters, a world traveling adventure seeker, a talented closet ballet dancer and an fitness enthusiast with 8 different fitness qualification, Colleen is here to show you that there is always time for fitness, family and the things you love. She is fun, positive and energetic and has a broad range of qualification ranging from Personal Training to Zumba level 1. Colleen believes that it is important to teach others and your children the value of exercise in your life. Her  advice is simplistic – ‘ Just stay moving, enjoy everything in moderation and love your body, be grateful for all it does for you.’

Marlize Kruger

Bakenkop Primary School

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Marlize is a breath of fresh air and is constantly looking for new ways to deliver her exercise routines in an adventurous and inventive way. She absolutely loves keeping fit and sees the benefit of empowering women through fitness. Having completed plenty of aerobic marathons, this energiser bunny knows how to make fitness fun and exciting. As a qualified Therapeutic Reflexologist, Preggi Belllies instructor and Personal Trainer, you are sure to be getting the best guidance and support you need to keep you not only looking great, but feeling fantastic. Her enthusiasm, generous nature and sincere love of health and wellness are sure to rub off at every class, leaving you energised and inspired. 

Yolande Pienaar


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Yolande is fun, loud and enthusiastic, with a passion for helping women to feel good about themselves. Yolande has always had an interest in fitness but always had a dream to help women feel better about themselves. She came across ABC Camp after seeing a group of ladies having lots of fun and decided she wanted to be part of this environment. Yolande herself was once a camper and is now a qualified personal trainer. Her story of turning what she loves into a career is truly inspirational. She believes that by eating right and training consistently you’ll achieve the results you are aiming for.  Her key to a happy lifestyle is to always have a positive mindset & to respect and appreciate the people around you.


Marizanne Bothma

Emerald Resort & Casino

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Marizanne is a very ambitious, confident and honest person who likes to take things in life seriously but in a down to earth manner. She ensures that she always has an achievable goal to work towards, so life is never dull! She is adventurous by nature and loves to take up new challenges. Family, friends and co-workers are very important to her and they know that she will be there to help them when in need. Marizanne firmly believes that one should always strive towards individual betterment, in whichever form it may be. Her great love for life, people and the outdoors is what has brought her to ABC, after completing her Basic Exercise and Science qualification at HFPA. She believes in a healthy and balanced lifestyle and loves to help and motivate others to reach and maintain their goals. With her, you will always experience a very positive and fun time with tons of laughter!

Assistant trainer: Sumari Claassen

Sumari is a motivated and determined trainer that sees each challenge as an opportunity. She has a BA Degree in Sport Science and an International Personal Training Certificate in Spinning, Yoga, Pilates and Body Sculpting. Her love for the fitness industry is clearly portrayed in all the different facets of health and fitness she involves herself with. She is a firm believer that her purpose and mission in life is to add value to the lives of others, to have a positive impact on the choices they make and to help them achieve their goals through the quality of exercise she recommends and through the support she is able to offer. Sumari's passion for fitness makes her the perfect addition to the ABC community.

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