Let us guide and help you in running your first 5km & 10km!



Running is one of the most accessible ways to get fit, strengthen your heart and score a smoking-hot, lean physique in the process. You can do it anywhere. You don’t need a gym membership or specialised equipment and you can train at your own pace for as long (or short) as your time allows. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

For many women, the thought of running conjures up images of struggling for breath, painful stitches, injury, mind-numbing treadmills or drill-sergeant-like wannabe trainers yelling, “Pick it up, Jones, you’re falling behind!” Well, this week-long running clinic is about to change all that…

You’ll get hour-long training sessions for one week under the expert guidance from a qualified Adventure Boot Camp personal trainer to help you build your running fitness at your own pace, injury free. You will then receive a training plan which you can continue to use on your own to help you reach your running goal; whether that is to run five or 10km race, along with tips on gear, breathing and running safety.

We then encourage you to sign up for your first five or 10km social run or race five weeks from now and commit to finishing it feeling fantastic!

  • Bring your mats, towels & water bottles. No weights.
  • Registrations opens 3 months before.
  • Only R380.00.
  • One hour a day.
  • Only for one week.
  • Qualified Adventure Boot Camp trainer.


Running Clinic

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