In order for you to see how your fitness level has improved over each four-week camp, we hold an Assessment Day on the first and last Fridays. This Assessment consists of four exercises (that change on a camply basis) which you have to do 10 times to complete one round. These are then repeated as many times as possible in 10 minutes. At the end of the Assessment, the number of exercises (reps) you managed to complete becomes your ABC FitScore.

Our Hall of Fame is a collection of the Top 100 FitScores at ABC - these scores can be from the first or second Assessment and get updated every Week 1, so be sure to check back to see if you've made the list.

Here they are… the top 100 ABC FitScores for our October 2017 camp.
Well done to all of you! 

PositionCamper NameCampABC FitScoreCamps Attended
1Rebecca WalkerWP Cricket Club 16:45753
2Lynne ShannonPinelands High School 05:457415
3Rietha WallaceWP Cricket Club 08:157071
4Joy CraneKirstenbosch Gardens 05:457068
5Beatrix De NysschenNG Kerk Groenkloof 17:006913
6Kasiefah KaffielGreen Point Cricket Club 17:30682
7Danelle BruynsHoerskool Hans Moore 18:006626
8Adel FerreiraCentral Park 05:456624
9Marilyn FebruaryCentral Park 05:45657
10Renate SchlechterTrinity House 05:006484
11Belinda BlignautDoxa Deo Church 05:00648
12Leandra DobbinsTrinity House 05:006319
13Yvette CronjeNG Kerk Groenkloof 17:00625
14Mariska YntemaWP Cricket Club 18:006130
15Vanessa PillayRand Park Primary School 18:00603
16Valerie BekkerTrinity House 05:00604
17Suzanne KotzeKirstenbosch Gardens 05:455813
18Sue BrownBergvliet High School 18:005819
19Monique PrinslooJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:0585
20Lize ReynekeDoxa Deo Church 05:005723
21Amy BlanchardWP Cricket Club 16:455748
22Farzanah MayetHoerskool Hans Moore 18:005720
23Mardaleen MunnikNG Kerk Groenkloof 17:00573
24Mynie KriekGarsfontein High School 18:15569
25Mary-ann SmithCentral Park 05:45565
26Ann ChesterCornwall Hill College 05:005622
27Helen JansenDoxa Deo Church 05:005659
28Shaylene FourieHoerskool Hans Moore 18:005611
29Fran LadikosPretoria Botanical Gardens 16:455662
30Nicola KotzeCornwall Hill College 05:00567
31Colani HomanBerario Recreation Centre 07:45555
32Marlize SteynBakenkop Primary School 05:005516
33Nora TaylorHoly Rosary School 16:305581
34Rone Van den bergNG Kerk Groenkloof 05:15552
35Annien Van RensburgNG Kerk Groenkloof 05:15541
36Soretha JacobsDoxa Deo Church 07:455416
37Adrienne DanielsWP Cricket Club 18:00546
38Boipelo MoesiCornwall Hill College 05:005413
39Susan De WetDoxa Deo Church 05:005421
40Jennifer LawHoly Rosary School 05:155463
41Mariaan WebbHoerskool Hans Moore 16:455416
42Elaine Van der waltHoly Rosary School 17:455411
43Siphokazi SibekoWillowbridge Mall 06:005353
44Saraspathie NaidooNorthwood Boys High School 05:155238
45Pauline SilcockBerario Recreation Centre 07:455233
46Anika PieterseDoxa Deo Church 05:005233
47Sasha SoekoeRand Park Primary School 18:00526
48Sinovuyo WilliamsCurro Private School Brackenfell 18:00527
49Melanie ChitrayVodaworld 16:455210
50Le-ana MaraisDoxa Deo Church 07:455212
51Latasha AfricaCentral Park 05:455142
52Azaria-jayde Cartwright Hoerskool Hans Moore 18:00512
53Lee BramwellBergvliet High School 18:005116
54Veruschka JaapCurro Private School Brackenfell 18:005111
55Carmen AdamsHoly Rosary School 05:155147
56Nobuhle MbanjwaNorthwood Boys High School 05:15504
57Rez MullerCentral Park 17:455010
58Farida AmodNorthwood Boys High School 17:305012
59Carol SaccaggiBerario Recreation Centre 07:455016
60Kelly ReddieKirstenbosch Gardens 05:45504
61Carol Van deventerDoxa Deo Church 05:005011
62Nichola HinschWP Cricket Club 16:455029
63Sue HerbertHoly Rosary School 16:305078
64Marhandza Mavis RikhotsoPretoria Botanical Gardens 16:455038
65Samantha DryBrighton Beach Senior PS 18:005018
66Sarah KeySandton Sports Club 08:155067
67Nancy CloseBrighton Beach Senior PS 18:00507
68Carlen WahlWillowbridge Mall 06:005036
69Bernadette BogerGreen Point Cricket Club 17:305010
70Henli Van der horstGarsfontein High School 08:00508
71Elaine FerrarisWanderers Club 07:305029
72Tasnim KaroliaOrchards Primary School 05:305050
73Elmarie LehmkuhlHoerskool Hans Moore 08:004924
74Keri LloydHoerskool Hans Moore 16:454925
75Lindiwe HaniHoly Rosary School 05:154921
76Marguerite de VilliersWillowbridge Mall 06:004945
77Audrey WinklerHoerskool Hans Moore 05:004946
78Anet RoosPietersburg High School 07:154961
79Mercia BooysenPietersburg High School 07:154954
80Vicky SidlerGarsfontein High School 05:004944
81Barbara BothaDoxa Deo Church 17:30492
82Lindsay DallyHoly Rosary School 16:304978
83Nicole BermanPretoria Botanical Gardens 16:45484
84Ine MatthysenDoxa Deo Church 07:454841
85Karen TheronCornwall Hill College 05:00489
86Darita Roberts-baxter Bakenkop Primary School 05:00484
87Isa HurrieDoxa Deo Church 07:454819
88Celeste HavengaCornwall Hill College 05:00489
89Sianne Lelia BondPinelands High School 05:454850
90Karolyn Van wykTrinity House 05:00483
91Louise NelWP Cricket Club 16:454811
92Terry-Sue MillsHoerskool Hans Moore 05:004820
93Marika Van heerdenBerario Recreation Centre 07:454811
94Caitlin Brown Holy Rosary School 16:30487
95Erin AscieliJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:0473
96Liandi FourieBakenkop Primary School 05:004710
97Kim SimHoly Rosary School 05:154776
98Caitlin KeamWP Cricket Club 18:004715
99Leigh PearseNorthwood Boys High School 05:154740
100Daleste EloffBakenkop Primary School 05:004744


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