In order for you to see how your fitness level has improved over each four-week camp, we hold an Assessment Day on the first and last Fridays. This Assessment consists of four exercises (that change on a camply basis) which you have to do 10 times to complete one round. These are then repeated as many times as possible in 10 minutes. At the end of the Assessment, the number of exercises (reps) you managed to complete becomes your ABC FitScore.

Our Hall of Fame is a collection of the Top 100 FitScores at ABC - these scores can be from the first or second Assessment and get updated every Week 1, so be sure to check back to see if you've made the list.

Here they are… the top 100 ABC FitScores for our June 2017 camp.
Well done to all of you! 

PositionCamper NameCampABC FitScoreCamps Attended
1Christelle LotzCenturion High School 05:1572010
2Carena Janse van RensburgJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:062042
3Yvonne BurgerCenturion High School 05:156056
4Elsmare HornCenturion High School 05:1560411
5Sharlene SeptemberBrighton Beach Senior PS 18:0060014
6Lindiwe HaniHoly Rosary School 05:1560017
7Malanie WhitePietersburg High School 16:005955
8Louise RocherCenturion High School 05:1559117
9Jane DaviesBrighton Beach Senior PS 05:0059021
10Jennifer LawHoly Rosary School 05:1558059
11Jeanette ViljoenUJ Hockey Astro Club 18:0057069
12Marguerite de VilliersWillowbridge Mall 06:0057041
13Adelline MalemaUJ Hockey Astro Club 05:3056531
14Ruby StrydomUJ Hockey Astro Club 05:3056130
15Eudene PretoriusKenridge Primary School 18:0056018
16Adel FerreiraCentral Park 05:4556020
17Danelle BruynsHoerskool Hans Moore 18:0056022
18Candice GibbsKenridge Primary School 18:0055223
19Amanda HeystekPietersburg High School 07:155504
20Anet RoosPietersburg High School 07:1555057
21Daniela CronjeSenwes Park 17:1554710
22Hayley BlaauwCentral Park 05:4554512
23Carole-ann HughesHoly Rosary School 16:3054012
24Natalie CampbellHoerskool Hans Moore 05:005409
25Elaine Van der waltHoly Rosary School 17:455407
26Catherine HamptonSt Henry's Marist College 05:3052832
27Claudia CoustasOrchards Primary School 17:4552730
28Ruth GracaOrchards Primary School 17:4552734
29Lisinda van ZylBerario Recreation Centre 05:3052031
30Joanna SkeltonAtholton Primary School 05:155204
31Mariska JoubertHoerskool Hans Moore 16:455205
32Matodzi faith MphagiBakenkop Primary School 18:005206
33Yolandi VoogtCenturion High School 05:1552018
34Erna MordenWP Cricket Club 18:0052042
35Laurette VlokCenturion High School 05:155206
36Monique BradbrookeBerario Recreation Centre 07:4552032
37Nora TaylorHoly Rosary School 16:3051977
38Geraldine MartinKainon School 17:305155
39Raquel LambertHoly Rosary School 16:3051560
40Noelene MarePietersburg High School 16:0051553
41Sharon BennettBakenkop Primary School 05:005136
42Magdeline KhomaneRietvlei Farm 08:1551020
43Debbie GarveyLaerskool Muldersdrift 05:1551048
44Rykie BoonzaaierCenturion High School 05:1551036
45Valerie SlabbertBerario Recreation Centre 05:305004
46Naomi BritzBakenkop Primary School 18:005004
47Mirna MarePietersburg High School 07:1549823
48Terry-Sue MillsHoerskool Hans Moore 05:0049516
49Michelle ScottBerario Recreation Centre 07:4549027
50Schani Lee PotgieterRand Park Primary School 18:0049017
51Diane LeighHoerskool Hans Moore 16:4549014
52Laetitia BredenkampBakenkop Primary School 05:0049023
53Renate SchlechterTrinity House 05:0049080
54Kathy ChongBerario Recreation Centre 07:4549019
55Busisiwe Portia MathebulaPietersburg High School 17:1549021
56Alexis GrewanBakenkop Primary School 05:0049014
57Jade CranstonKainon School 17:3048633
58Desrae EnglandHoerskool Hans Moore 18:0048241
59Chante van StadenPietersburg High School 16:0048018
60Amy BlanchardWP Cricket Club 16:4548044
61Juanita Da ascencaoHoerskool Hans Moore 05:004804
62Caitlin Brown Holy Rosary School 16:304802
63Rachel RametseVodaworld 05:004804
64Heather BernhardiPietersburg High School 07:1548060
65Rita GutschePietersburg High School 07:1548028
66Jane LubbeHoerskool Hans Moore 16:4548015
67Lynette OosthuizenPietersburg High School 16:0048037
68Hester BokelmannBakenkop Primary School 16:4548029
69Bronwyn HattinghHoly Rosary School 17:4548012
70Elaine van StadenPietersburg High School 16:0048026
71Kgomotso PhuduhuduVodaworld 05:004809
72Maureen PretoriusPietersburg High School 16:0048036
73Marlizanne MaraisSenwes Park 17:154803
74Nikita OosthuizenPietersburg High School 07:1548058
75Marlene PereiraPietersburg High School 17:1548041
76Elisa RicksonBakenkop Primary School 18:004807
77Shaylene FourieHoerskool Hans Moore 18:004758
78Jody AlderSt Henry's Marist College 05:3047535
79Chantal GrobblerBerario Recreation Centre 07:454756
80Hanneke FerreiraBerario Recreation Centre 05:304746
81Teresa O NeilSenwes Park 17:1547466
82Caitlin BullivantGreen Point Cricket Club 17:304729
83Melissa WilmotSt Henry's Marist College 05:3047223
84Charlene RichConstantia Waldorf School 06:0047141
85Kerryn OdendaalHoly Rosary School 16:3047012
86Thoko MalopeVodaworld 05:0047033
87Pumza MokgehleVodaworld 05:0047022
88Isabel BothaTrinity House 05:004703
89Ishana RamharukBeaulieu College 17:0047064
90Joan PickupBeaulieu College 17:0047056
91Elodi NaudeBerario Recreation Centre 05:304704
92Alicia PretoriusSenwes Park 17:1547019
93Sue VyvyandaySandton Sports Club 05:454706
94Lodri MockeHoerskool Hans Moore 16:4547016
95Liezl SchoemanDoxa Deo Church 05:0046710
96Meshwa MeetaHoerskool Hans Moore 16:4546532
97Bernadette BogerGreen Point Cricket Club 17:304636
98Corne PryorCenturion High School 05:1546229
99Althea YorkSandton Sports Club 05:4546275
100Jenna RouseSandton Sports Club 17:4546021


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