In order for you to see how your fitness level has improved over each four-week camp, we hold an Assessment Day on the first and last Fridays. This Assessment consists of four exercises (that change on a camply basis) which you have to do 10 times to complete one round. These are then repeated as many times as possible in 10 minutes. At the end of the Assessment, the number of exercises (reps) you managed to complete becomes your ABC FitScore.

Our Hall of Fame is a collection of the Top 100 FitScores at ABC - these scores can be from the first or second Assessment and get updated every Week 1, so be sure to check back to see if you've made the list.

Here they are… the top 100 ABC FitScores for our April 2017 camp.
Well done to all of you! 

PositionCamper NameCampABC FitScoreCamps Attended
1Lucy JonkerSenwes Park 05:0044748
2Teresa O NeilSenwes Park 05:0037364
3Carena Janse van RensburgJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:036540
4Michelle PageConstantia Waldorf School 06:003614
5Catherine HamptonSt Henry's Marist College 05:3035430
6Marguerite de VilliersWillowbridge Mall 06:0035039
7Yvonne BurgerCenturion High School 05:153504
8Ines HennWillowbridge Mall 06:0034066
9Candice GibbsKenridge Primary School 18:0032821
10Kotie BassonJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:032548
11Daniela CronjeSenwes Park 17:153238
12Elsmare HornCenturion High School 05:153229
13Marlizanne MaraisSenwes Park 05:003202
14Helen JansenDoxa Deo Church 05:0031853
15Monica RozendaalDoxa Deo Church 05:0031718
16Liezel VorsterCenturion High School 05:153107
17Ilonka LouwUJ Hockey Astro Club 05:3030811
18Chine FourieSenwes Park 17:153036
19Chine Van graaffSenwes Park 17:1530318
20Rykie BoonzaaierCenturion High School 05:1530034
21Adel FerreiraCentral Park 05:4530018
22Kim DunbarCurro Private School Brackenfell 18:0030011
23Sarah KeySandton Sports Club 08:1529561
24Althea YorkSandton Sports Club 05:4529373
25Luzaan van ZylCenturion High School 05:152904
26Jeanne WhitfieldWP Cricket Club 16:4528631
27Ann ChesterCornwall Hill College 05:0028616
28Pearl Kgalegi-majijaSandton Sports Club 16:302865
29Liezl SchoemanDoxa Deo Church 05:002858
30Ria DavidSt Henry's Marist College 05:3028418
31Liz HammondCornwall Hill College 05:0028417
32Jenna RouseSandton Sports Club 17:4528319
33Latasha AfricaCentral Park 05:4528136
34Janelda RöntgenSenwes Park 17:152802
35Jolene KrugerSenwes Park 17:152804
36Sally MngadiCenturion High School 05:1528037
37Heather BawdenCentral Park 05:452796
38Boipelo MoesiCornwall Hill College 05:0027812
39Kim RigdenSandton Sports Club 07:0027633
40Veruschka JaapCurro Private School Brackenfell 18:002755
41Erna MordenWP Cricket Club 18:0027540
42Lesley ComynJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:027035
43Elane LubbeSenwes Park 17:1527012
44Elrisia PieterseBerario Recreation Centre 05:3026721
45Renate SchlechterTrinity House 05:0026578
46Michelle Joubert WP Cricket Club 16:452649
47Natalie CampbellHoerskool Hans Moore 05:002649
48Tracey WoodWP Cricket Club 16:452606
49Mogola MakolaSandton Sports Club 05:4526055
50Carol Van deventerDoxa Deo Church 05:002605
51Deanne NelCornwall Hill College 17:0026038
52Megan BrownCornwall Hill College 05:002602
53Le-ana MaraisDoxa Deo Church 07:4526010
54Marteli Van schaikSenwes Park 17:1525910
55Bonnie BarnesSandton Sports Club 08:1525774
56Helga Van heerdenBerario Recreation Centre 05:302572
57Jani Van wykSenwes Park 05:002573
58Bettina TaylorJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:02565
59Anna MilevaSt Henry's Marist College 05:3025524
60Marguerite NolanSandton Sports Club 08:1525532
61Jody AlderSt Henry's Marist College 05:3025334
62Leandra DobbinsTrinity House 05:0025013
63Amy PienaarCornwall Hill College 17:002504
64Renjini DevakiSt Henry's Marist College 05:302504
65Alicia PretoriusSenwes Park 17:1525017
66Hanneke FerreiraBerario Recreation Centre 05:302504
67Clare DesmondSt Henry's Marist College 05:302498
68Jeanette ViljoenUJ Hockey Astro Club 18:0024867
69Sue VyvyandaySandton Sports Club 05:452486
70Claudia CoustasOrchards Primary School 17:4524528
71Elize SteynSenwes Park 05:002453
72Eleanor RoseltWP Cricket Club 18:0024421
73Adelline MalemaUJ Hockey Astro Club 05:3024329
74Jacqueline Samson-SwartzWP Cricket Club 18:0024315
75Claire WaterhouseUJ Hockey Astro Club 18:002428
76Joy Anne CloverSt Henry's Marist College 05:3024132
77Carla CollettSandton Sports Club 05:4524129
78Alexis GrewanBakenkop Primary School 05:0024012
79Linelle PlekkerCurro Private School Brackenfell 18:002405
80Gitte MollerJan van Riebeeck Pre-Primary School 06:02404
81Kate JonesUJ Hockey Astro Club 18:002404
82Rebecca RamcharranCenturion High School 05:152405
83Kyla SparksWP Cricket Club 18:0024013
84Thia Du plooyCurro Nelspruit 05:152405
85Laetitia BredenkampBakenkop Primary School 05:0024021
86Tumi SengadiUJ Hockey Astro Club 05:302407
87Linda FerreiraKenridge Primary School 18:002401
88Daleste EloffBakenkop Primary School 05:0023742
89Terry-Sue MillsHoerskool Hans Moore 05:0023714
90Nophuthi MlakalakaGreen Point Surrounds 17:302351
91San-marie CrauseWP Cricket Club 08:1523514
92Wendy HarkerWP Cricket Club 18:0023551
93Kerstin WaddellGreen Point Surrounds 17:3023526
94Elisa RicksonBakenkop Primary School 18:002355
95Vivien BurnettBeaulieu College 05:0023371
96Tina VolschenkSenwes Park 17:1523210
97Veronika JordaanHoerskool Hans Moore 08:002325
98Elodi NaudeBerario Recreation Centre 05:302302
99Keri LloydHoerskool Hans Moore 16:4523019
100Anika PieterseDoxa Deo Church 05:0023027


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